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Ride on the benefit of PROVEN experience to help your website support you... and NOT the other way round.
Yoga Website Enhancement

You will be surprised to know the extent to which you can use your website to boost your existing yoga practice as well as generate an additional INDEPENDENT revenue stream.

HealthAndYoga.com is now offering specific yoga website enhancements PROVEN to enhance your credibility, improve your image AND boost your yoga earnings.

All enhancements are individually priced so that you can pick and choose as per your custom requirement.

These are all time-tested enhancements that deliver results EVERYTIME.

Enhancement #1
Content syndication:
You can now choose best-selling yoga articles from our ever-growing library. You can choose to place them on your own website as your own content (without using our resource box for credits). This will dramatically improve your credibility and image.


Enhancement #2
Online yoga store Connectivity:
We will make your website integrate seamlessly with the World's 2nd most popular Online Yoga Store. The store will fit perfectly with the look and feel of your website. You need to do nothing - no stock holding, no payment collection hassles... just sit back and count your website earnings. Know More.

See the sample website that shows how your website can have a well-integrated yoga store.

Enhancement #3
Newsletter Sign up form
(Available only if your website is hosted on a Windows server): An opportunity to convert EVERY visitor to your website into a potential customer. We will create a sign up form where the visitor can subscribe to your promo mailings. We will integrate this form with your database, so that you can see your potential audience grow by the minute.


Enhancement #4
On line Inquiry form:
We will offer your website visitors an opportunity to fill in their query on an online form. This query will be sent to you in real time directly into your email box. A great way to tap impulsive leads.  


Enhancement #5
Subscriber list Mailing:
As you build up your subscriber list, you will feel the need to do a personalized mailing to each one of those subscribers. We can do a personalized bulk mailing to your entire list, saving you all the hassle.


Enhancement #6
Content updating services:
You may feel the need to update your website with fresh content, news or announcements from time to time. We can save you all the technical hassle. Just email the content to us and we'll format it and post it to your website within 2 working days. No need to let the web-phobia slow you down in any manner.


Enhancement #7
Maintenance of Student records
(Available only if your website is hosted on a Windows server): You can maintain an online record of all your students - their names, contact details and email addresses. Use these records for future promos and systemize your working. We can set up such a password protected database login for you, where you can enter and view records in real time.


Remember, every single enhancement that we are offering has been found to offer exceptional value for the buck from our very own experience. We would never offer you anything less. See the sample website that we have created to see what these enhancements can do for your website.

Click here to fill in your custom requirements.

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