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Position yourself in front of the Growing Yoga Community... without 'hoping & waiting' for THEM to find you.
Yoga Website Promotion

HealthAndYoga.com is now offering promotion avenues targeted specifically to the yoga community - studios, teachers, students and enthusiasts. These promotion offerings are GUARANTEED to boost your visibility among a highly focused community that should do wonders for your yoga endeavors.

All promo offerings are individually priced so that you can pick and choose as per your custom requirement.

Remember, there is no other avenue ANYWHERE that focuses on the Yoga community in such a cost-effective manner.

Promo Offer #1
Advertise to the HealthAndYoga.com Newsletter Subscribers:
The HealthandYoga.com ezine list has grown to over 40,000 subscribers at last count. You can now put out your message to these 40,000+ people who are specifically interested in hearing more on Yoga and natural health.
There are 2 ways to advertise in the Health and Yoga Ezine:

You can book a classified ad in the ezine - Your advertisement will appear as a 4 line classified ad in the ezine mailing.


For a bigger impact, you may like to actually replace the entire ezine content with your own through a solo article. This has the greatest impact because it showcases your expertise to these subscribers AND ensures maximum readership.

Note: All content will be reviewed by our Editorial Team to assess relevance for the subscriber list.

Promo Offer #2
Premium Visibility on the Studio / Teacher directory:
You can get a high visibility in the yoga directory whenever anybody searches for a studio / teacher in your area. With a DAILY visitor count of 7000 visitors (200,000 hits everyday) on the HealthAndYoga.com website, that can mean a LOT of exposure for your services. 

There are 2 ways of ensuring a higher visibility in the Yoga Directory:
  • Enhanced Listing: ensures that your listing is displayed in the top range whenever anyone searches for yoga services in your area.

  • Display banner ad: We will display your banner ad in the Search results whenever anybody makes a search anywhere in the Yoga Directory.

Promo Offer #3
Event Promotion Visibility:
You can promote your event / workshops on a premium basis. We will showcase your banner to the hundreds of visitors looking for yoga events.

Give the all-important push to your Yoga training through extremely focused and cost-effective marketing.

Click here to fill in your promotional requirements.

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