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Creating a Yoga Website that will do wonders for your Image…. AND your Wallet
Ok, as a yoga teacher / studio, ideally, what would you like your website to have or to do?
Let me try to answer that:
  • A pleasing design with a professional look.
  • Relevant yoga content on the website to impress visitors AND enhance your credibility.
  • A fully functional online yoga supplies store that can help boost your earning automatically while showcasing one of the widest and unique range of yoga products.
  • Capability for taking in online registrations from prospective students.
  • Capability for people to make online inquiries directly through the website.
  • Capability to gradually build up a mailing list by inviting newsletter sign-ups from your website visitors. You can then mail them in future as you launch various programs from time to time.
Moreover, without the need for being tech-savvy, you should be able to:
  • Add fresh content and enrich your website from time to time - articles, announcements, experiences... whatever.
  • Post New Schedules / classes / workshops / events.
  • Be able to give shape to NEW ideas by putting them online

You should be able to advertise your promotional activities without ever worrying about HOW to do it.

You may also like to maintain an online database of all your student records, so that you can email them with new developments, such as special incentives on renewals etc.

Sounds EXACTLY what you would like but too good to be true? 
Well, you have help at hand...
We have designed an EXCLUSIVE website package specifically to meet all the needs of a yoga teacher / studio.

PLUS we have decided to offer this at a ridiculously low price - taking advantage of our relevant experience.

Sample what you will get:
  • A fully functional turnkey 10-page Yoga website with a well-designed professional look. It would include:
  • Your own ".com" domain name website: Build your unique brand identity.

  • Free hosting and web space for the first year.

  • Authentic yoga content: Ready-made best selling Yoga content from our archives that will add that EXTRA credibility to your profile while showcasing a fuller website.

  • Online yoga shop connectivity: An automatic integration with the
  • World's 2nd most popular online yoga supplies store. Without you even realizing, your website will be earning INSTANTLY, providing you upto 20% of all sales originating from your website. Know more.
  • Your personal info: Your studio / personal information; your own bio with photo as well as a listing of your class schedule and contact details. Just send in all these details by email and we'll put it up on your website.

Such a website will truly create an authentic impact among visitors while helping you earn off your very own online yoga shop right away.

What's more, we'll add to the offering with more UNMATCHED features:

  • An online inquiry form for visitors to post their questions: We'll email these to your mailbox in real time, so that you can respond directly by email.
  • A newsletter mailing list sign up facility on your website and maintaining the database of all such sign ups.
Can you imagine how comprehensive such a website could be?

Well, you don't need to try too hard. See the sample website that we have created that will show exactly what you can expect. In particular, see how your website can be selling best-selling yoga products through seamless integration with an automated shopping cart and online payment facility.

The best part is that you have NO headaches of buying or holding the products, payment collection or even order fulfillment - we take care of it all !!!

To get the drift of what your website can be, Click here to see the sample website.

Ask ANY web designer what such a industry-specific website WITH readymade yoga content AND an e-commerce (online store) functionality AND database enabled features would cost and I'll imagine that you could be paying anywhere between $2000 - $3000 as a minimum.

Considering the tremendous goodwill enjoyed by us at Health & Yoga, we could be charging anywhere near that amount ourselves.

But we're not going to charge you that much… Heck, we won't even charge half that much.

In tune with our philosophy of providing unmatched value to the yoga community, and with the benefit of experience, we are offering the complete package "at a steal".

As a limited time offer, at just $695, we will prepare a fully functional custom website as outlined above. You will get an authentic content backed website with online yoga shop connectivity and features to boost and manage your clientele.

In short, you will be up and running with ALL the ingredients for online success.

PLUS to provide unbeatable value and get you a SURGE of targeted yoga traffic, we are throwing in an unthinkable bonus...

BONUS: For a full 2 months from the time your website goes live, we will advertise your website FREE on the HealthAndYoga.com website that gets over 200,000 hits everyday - a $100 value. 

Your website will be advertised on the Yoga Studio / Teacher Search Directory.

The value of this bonus can be had from the fact that till date, Health & Yoga has NEVER carried third party advertisements. You can well imagine the kind of traffic you may attract with such an opportunity.

Please note that this is a limited time offer only, limited only to the first few yoga friends who would like to avail of these tremendous benefits. Our manpower resources simply do NOT allow us to take on much more without a significance increase in costs.

As Yoga continues with its rampaging growth in popularity, position yourself -well equipped- in front of people that matter.

Click here to order your website and tap into the online yoga opportunity NOW!

Best Regards,

PS: Complement your yoga expertise by trusting H&Y as your online yoga partners - you can be sure that you'll never have to worry about a wasted opportunity on the WWW again.

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