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Description :

Studio Anya’s 200 Hour RYT Anya Teacher Training explores ancient yogic teachings through a multifaceted lens to reveal both the timeless wisdom and the modern appeal of yoga. Based on the principles of Curriculum AUM, this training is your passport to understanding the Anya method. This experiential body of work blends the best of East and West philosophies and maps out a step- by- step approach for Self-realization. Through a journey deep within the body you will discover different aspects of Self, awaken your intuition and get in touch with what moves you.

You will learn how to .... More ...

Lead Teacher Biodata :

Victoria Yoffie is board certified holistic health coach and wellness professional with over 13 years of experience in integrating a combination of mind, body, nutrition and healing disciplines into personalized programs for her clients.

Blending cutting edge nutritional science and psychology from the West with ancient healing and health principles from the East, Victoria addresses the habits, influences and conditions that impede progress. Emphasis is placed on goal setting and personalized support – guiding clients as they take a series of small steps to reach sustainable health, wei..... More...

Suitable For :

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Existing Yoga Teachers

Batch Strength :

12 Students

Daily Schedule :

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Anya Yoga RYT Teacher Training

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Location :

USA - New york - New York (NYC)

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