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MAI RAM YOGA BASIC LEVEL YOGA TEACHER COURSE 30 May –14 June 2014 - Yoga teacher training / Yoga Course , in Vilnius, Vilnius in Lithuania

Yoga Certification Home > Lithuania > MAI RAM YOGA BASIC LEVEL YOGA TEACHER COURSE 30 May –14 June 2014
This Course is Expired , please click here to find more courses.

Location : Lithuania - Vilnius - Vilnius      
Course Type : Residential
No of Teachers : 5
Description :

On 30 May –14 June 2014, the MAI RAM YOGA ashram is organising an intensive yoga teacher course for people who seek self-knowledge with the help of yoga and wish to share the practical experience with others.

The course will teach the Mai Ram Yoga Basic methodology, yoga philosophy, the anatomy of yoga, yoga nutrition, techniques of physical exercises and breathing,as well as relaxation and meditation practices. The course consists of 280 academic hours.

Those who complete the course will be awarded a Basic level diploma of the MAI RAM INTERNATIONAL YOGA ASSOCIATION.

.... More ...

Lead Teacher Biodata :

Guru Mai Ram is a guardian and successor of the Aghora Kapali NathYoga spiritual tradition. This tradition is described in the Vedas and attributed to the metaphysical and theological Advaita philosophy which maintains that all reality is in unity and is governed by one principle.

The Naths are the initiators and masters of yoga or perfect beings. Aghora in Sanskrit means a non-dualistic state of consciousness, while Kapali refers to a skull symbolising the universe. Revealing the divine state, Aghoris holds a skull in one hand. The Aghora Kapali sadhana (spiritual practice) is said to.... More...

Suitable For : Beginner, Intermediate
Fee Inclusions :

Methodological books, Tea and snacks


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