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Description :

Thai Massage Level One
Part One of Thai Massage Certificate

In this fun hands on class, students learn how to perform a complete 90 minute Thai Massage Session.

You will learn Thai Massage Asanas and how to perform the transitions between postures effortlessly, creating the "Dance of Thai Massage
You will learn Prone and Supine postures

You will learn how to maintain proper body alignment & positions that create a mutually beneficial massage for both practitioner & recipient

We will discuss the history and philosophy of Thai Massage as well as one of the .... More ...

Lead Teacher Biodata :

Mia has been learning, teaching and doing Thai Massage for twenty years. She now lives in Beautiful British Columbia, sharing her knowledge and love of Thai Massage.

Twenty years ago Thai Massage became my joy and passion. Being able to share this ancient healing art is a privilege and an honor. Thai Massage is good for every body. Whether you are learning Thai Massage as a new way to work on your clients, or to give nurturing touch to your friends and family or just receiving it yourself. There is no denying the beauty of this wonderful healing art..

Batch Strength :

10 Students

Fee Inclusions :

The cost for the course includes Lunch and the Manual for the class

Fee Exclusions :

Does not include the supervisions once the class is complete

Daily Schedule :

Classes begin at 9:30 - 4:30
This is a hands on class, with extra time for history, philosophy, and contraindications.

Testimonials :

"Mia's uniting of the class in the beginning was great so that, as a class we felt as a whole. It was wonderful the way she was willing to share her knowledge and all her Metta."
(New York, NY)

"The part of the course that was most helpful to me was Mia's teaching,coaching, adjustments to postures and stances and her wonderful spirit."
(Chicago, IL)

"Mia's expertise and experience shone through!! Her love of thai massage and sincerity was wonderful to experience. She has a wonderful teaching style and her format is down pat!"
(White Horse, Yukon)


Thai Massage One

Location :

Canada - British Columbia - Victoria

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