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Description :

Tribe is renowned for the relaxed, fun and easy going atmosphere cultivated by its teachers on each training. We offer a comprehensive and practical approach to develop ones understanding of what yoga is as we work towards awakening your inner teacher as the main source of inspiration, guidance and wisdom for self practice and teaching others.

Traditionally our trainings have a down to earth approach bringing the ancient yoga teachings into a relevant and digestible modern presentation ( East meets West ) that students can easily understand and apply to their practice and to their.... More ...

Lead Teacher Biodata :

SCARLETT DEE MEHIGAN is the Director and Founder of Tribe and the creator of the Tribe Yoga Teacher Trainings.

....Born to Jamaican and Irish parents in England nowadays Scarlett spends her time in Europe during the summer and travels to Asian destinations during the winter. .

She has been practicing yoga and meditation for more than 17 years and sharing her experience of yoga with students for 8 years.
Her teaching style originates from her years of study and training in Ashtanga and Dynamic yoga. Through simple and clear instructions Scarlett offers a practical, ligh..... More...

Suitable For :

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Existing Yoga Teachers

Batch Strength :

24 Students

Accommodation :

Simple accommodation with attached bathrom, hot showers & balcony. The venue is a 'yoga hotel' located in a peaceful quiet residential area in Swargashram, Ramjula, Rishikesh.
Situated in a peacefull location just a 10 minute walk from the sacred and holy river Ganges.

Fee Inclusions :

Tuition, Study Materials, Certification, Student support, single accom & 2 meals per day

Fee Exclusions :


Daily Schedule :

Sunday to Friday
06-15 : Daily Reading, Kriyas, Pranayama, Mediation, Yoga Asana
10-00 : Breakfast.
11-00 : Practice Theory, Asana Workshop, Philosophy,or Anatomy.
13-00 : Lunch Break.
15-00 : Group Work , Practice Theory, Teaching skills or Self study
18-00 : Chanting, meditation or self study.

Testimonials :

The Tribe yoga teacher training was an immensely powerful tool to self-study, healing, and understanding the mechanics of the body and the mind. I came to India wanting to deepen my knowledge of the roots of yoga, and was deeply inspired by the wealth of knowledge that I was given that extended far past any other studies that I had ever been of part of. Truthfully I did not know what to expect at all and am incredibly moved by the powerful support and generosity the teachers offered about their own life journeys in yoga and its counterparts. The program was the most dynamic because of the encouragement each person was given to find their own voice within yoga, their own unique voice and style, and the groundwork was set from the first day to transcend any rigid dogma and create an individual path. It was a wonderful wonderful experience and I am forever touched…Thank you! and namaste!!!.....Leah (U.S.A)

The Teacher Training Course was truly an incredible month of light,.... Read More >>


Tribe Yoga: Teacher Training in Goa, India

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Location :

India - Goa - Arambol

Course Type :

Residential & Non-Residential

No of Teachers:


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