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Yoga Yajnavalkya, Bangalore - Yoga teacher training / Yoga Course , in Bangalore, Karnataka in India

Yoga Certification Home > India > Yoga Yajnavalkya, Bangalore
Yoga Yajnavalkya, Bangalore
This Course is Expired , please click here to find more courses.

Location : India - Karnataka - Bangalore       H&Y Verified Course Provider
Course Type : Residential
No of Teachers : 3
Description :

The earliest of the Yoga texts is the dialogue between Sage Yajnavalkya and Sage Gargi. We can safely conclude that all the Yoga texts owe their existence to 'Yoga Yajnavalkya'. With it is own set of Yama, Niyama, Asana and an extremely elaborate treatment on Pranayama and the other limbs of Yoga, understanding this text is a must for any sincere seeker in the path of Yoga.

Suitable For : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Existing Yoga Teachers
Batch Strength : 6 Students
Fee Inclusions :

program fee, program material, stay and food.

Fee Exclusions :

airport transfers, laundry and personal expenses

Testimonials :

"If I have to put together a list of the most important happenings in my life so far, meeting KP back in 2008 will definitely make it to the top 5. Before that, I had been a very confused, angry person harbouring much discontentment with my life. KP, with his infinite patience, kindness and understanding, changed my perspective on reality and in turn changed my life. Four years down the road, I am still practising what I have learned from him and every day I discover something new, about myself, my life and people and things around me. So, thanks KP, for making me a happier, and hopefully bett.... More...


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