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Description :

As a trainee on this weekend intensive, you’ll learn the GroovyKids™ Yoga Flow [45-60 minute] complete range of motion yoga class perfect for kids of all ages and abilities including music, movement, breath awareness and meditation.

You’ll watch a live GroovyKids™ Yoga class on film and learn the GroovyKids™ Manifesto, or the 7 Keys to a successful GroovyKids™ Yoga class. You’ll learn fun games that get you to reveal your own patterns of thought. Be prepared to laugh! You’ll explore your own experiences and find your own strengths.

We put it all into practice with a free *l....

Suitable For :

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Batch Strength :

15 Students

Daily Schedule :


Kids don’t respond to shy teachers! So we start day 1 by integrating and going through creative and intellectual games designed to bring us 'teachers' out of our shells and break the proverbial ice.

Then we move onto who yoga is for, what the benefits are. Teaching kids yoga means you have to be on your toes, so we practice games and exercises that bring us fully present. We look at sequencing ideas and how we actually learn things, how we memorize them and why some things are easier than others to recall. We learn chants, songs, stories, yoga games and other thin....

Testimonials :

"I taught my 1st class yesterday. And although I have been working with kids for a long time it was what i learnt on the course for me that made it! What really helped progress in my kids yoga teaching is what Greville emphasized over and over whatever the kids pose looks like is simply how THEY do it and that is always going to be right for them". Parents can be intimidated of their children failing in school/life and GroovyKids Yoga surely proved otherwise. Also I think a lot of the parents were surprised as they thought the class would be similarly as strict as an adults class but that wasn't the case at all with GroovyKids Yoga!" - Aileen Graham

'I am so deeply grateful! Greville shared so much of his passion and knowledge and i’ll do my best to spread the joy and help make this world a groovier place. it was a heartwarming, inspiring and educating experience, THANK YOU! And a million thanks to Noura for the opportunity! It was perfectly arranged from A-Z, you thought of eve....


Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa, India

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India - Goa - MandremBeach

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