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200hr Yoga Teacher Training, SouthGoa,Canacoan - Yoga teacher training / Yoga Course , in SouthGoa,Canacoan, Goa in India

Yoga Certification Home > India > 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, SouthGoa,Canacoan
200hr Yoga Teacher Training, SouthGoa,Canacoan
This Course is Expired , please click here to find more courses.

Location : India - Goa - SouthGoa,Canacoan      
Course Type : Residential & Non-Residential
No of Teachers : 5
Description :


Welcome to the Kranti Yoga School and Yoga Village. Kranti means revolution and our aim is to initiate you on the path of yoga and create a revolution in you – transforming you and your yoga practice.

With our highly experienced yoga teachers to guide you, we wish to take you on a journey through yoga as a way of living and being in order to deepen your knowledge of and understanding of Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Flow and help you to connect to your true nature, by understanding it and accepting it without expectation so that, working in harmony with your body and min.... More ...

Lead Teacher Biodata :

Tarun was born in 1980 in Dongargarh, State of Chhattisgarh in Middle India. Following a family tradition he started to frequent a guru named Sant Chanababa at the early age of 9 for meditation and yogic spiritual talks named Satsang. Chanababa was an old Tantra Master living in a temple located on Shakti Mountain giving Tarun his spiritual name "Kranti" which means "Revolution".
In this early period of his life, Kranti already came in touch with the ethics of Yoga and at the same time this was the beginning of his spiritual journey.
At the age of 14, his guru found Kranti mature enough .... More...

Daily Schedule :

Typical daily schedule

6.00 - 7.00 am: Meditation and Pranayama
7.10 - 9.00 am: Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series With Modification (Self Practice Or Lead Class, Mon/Wed/Fri)
7.10 - 9.00 am: Hip-opening Workshop (Every Tuesday)
7.10 - 9.00 am: Vinyasa Workshop - Learn how to jump back/jump through (Every Thursday)
7.10 - 9.00 am: Back-bending Workshop (Every Saturday)
9.40 - 10.30 am Breakfast
10.30 - 12.00 pm: Mantras and Sanskrit Classes, Yoga Philosophy Lecture of Patanjali Yoga Sutras and Vedanta
1.00 - 2.00 pm Lunch
3.00 - 4.30 pm: Alignment and Adjustment ....

Suitable For : Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Continuing Education Credits (CEC), Existing Yoga Teachers
Batch Strength : 28 Students
Fee Inclusions :

Course fees include:
YTTC manuals, stationnary, healthy breakfast and lunch, refreshments and filtered water,

Wi-Fi internet available all day.

Fee Exclusions :

Airport transfer service can be arranged on request. 20Euro

Accommodation :

The Kranti Yoga School and Village is located in the heart of Patnem with 5000-square-meter area having access to both the beach and the roadside.

Make the most of your teacher training by staying at the Yoga Village in our spacious luxury cottages exclusively available for students.

Teacher training is an intense but immensely rewarding experience. It is important to ensure that you are comfortable in order that you can relax and focus on your learning and development.

The Yoga Village has 20 brand new, fully equipped cottages amongst the tranquil coconut groves situated.... More...

Testimonials :

In March 2012 I had the opportunity to practice with Kranti at Petnam Beach Goa, India. Kranti offers Teacher Training and Intensive Practice Programs, which are Ashtanga based, however he is not rigid or linear in his teaching method. He mixes specific exercises within his programs to help develop strength and flexibility in the back and hips and for jump throughs. This extra practice was great for my stiff body, which was developed through years of running and stress. Kranti works hard to develop his students in the asanas, philosophy, pranyama and meditation. It is not just Kranti that work.... More...


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