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Description :

A 21 day intensive for yoga teachers, taking a thorough look at the universal 5 element system, and showing how we can use it to make yoga practices more beneficial for particular health issues, for students on all levels. As we came to realize that at times we were teaching students who had a lot of yoga teaching experience but had still never grasped a way to make it fit each individuals needs, we decided to create this course to offer that development.

The approach we take makes that limitless and brings meaning to every pose and variation. It makes a teacher into an elemental.... More ...

Lead Teacher Biodata :

Jai Garuda
Before Jai discovered the healing arts, he owned a small recording studio, and was living the life of a musician, though he explored his talents in improvisation as much through travel as he did with music. It was travelling to the tropics in Far North Queensland where he first connected with my body as an instrument in itself.

In 1995, he completed one year's training as the student of Jacqueline Thorburn, a teacher, with 20 years of clinic experience, for the Victorian Remedial Massage Association in Australia. She also taught him many techniques in energetic balancing t..... More...

Suitable For :

Intermediate, Advanced, Existing Yoga Teachers

Batch Strength :

14 Students

Accommodation :

Set in the lush North Bali hills, this yoga therapy training will take you deep into the fundamental energies that found our very being. An exclusive Balinese resort is the base for this journey, and while the course requires a dedicated focus, you will still have time to experience the area.
All accomdation is shared basis with 1 person.

Fee Inclusions :

For the elemental yoga therapy course, the price includes all tuitions, teaching materials, elemental yoga therapy certificate, EYT manual, food (3 vegetarian meals a day), and accommodation.

Fee Exclusions :

Flights and transfers

Daily Schedule :

06.30: Elemental Asana practice
09.00: Breakfast break
12.30: Lunch break
14.30: Diagnosis / sequencing / practices
16.30: Break
17.00: Elemental energy practice

Testimonials :

"The Elemental Yoga Therapy training is absolutely one of a kind: bravely, wisely and aesthetically revealing the Essence of ancient traditions including Ayurveda, TCM, Shiatsu, Shamanism and Yoga into a simple, pure, communicable reflection of Nature herself.

The wisdom can be woven with ease into daily living, yoga development, as well as any healing modality, and ultimately into the way in which we understand and experience our Selves.

Jai and Sofia have creatively structured this programme so that each student can experience the dynamic dance of the elements, allowing the elements to reveal their inherent polarities within our physical and subtle bodies. After 18 days together, I had a completely new perspective of the Elements, as well as a renewed love affair with Nature!

Finally, I feel that I've been guided into a course of study that brings the Wisdom of the sages into an evolved, conscious & modern day approach towards empowering the individual to tap i.... Read More >>


Elemental Yoga Therapy Training

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Location :

Indonesia - Bali - Tejakula

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