Art for Meditation

Of all the meditation techniques, why art is the most powerful?

Have you ever wondered why a "picture-perfect" sunset gets you feeling romantic?
OR why just looking at the vast expanse of the ocean brings in you an inexplicable calm… that great feeling!

That is the power of vision on the mind!!

In all meditation techniques, it is most important to sufficiently calm the mind so that it becomes receptive to the meditation process.

Images stimulate our mind with signals bthat transport us into an inexplicable state of bliss and calm. Various meditation techniques use symbols and colors to soothe the mind.

However, different colors can arouse extremely varied emotions. The benefits of the "right visual" are so great that every mediator is trying to find out what works for him.

So how do I go about finding an image for ME?

It has always been a challenge to find the right image to "trigger" that unique blissful experience. What works for me may just not be right for you. This in fact has been the biggest obstacle to using images in various meditation techniques.

Until now…

Oscar Basurto is an artist and spiritual teacher who has been dedicated for years in creating forms that "trigger" an extraordinary state of mind. His work is intended to inspire, illuminate and lift the human spirit.

He does so with remarkable ease

His work is offered primarily to meditate and to experience deep levels of meditation. The power of his works has been well acknowledged and exhibited in galleries throughout Central, South America and in the United States.

Many of his paintings have found their way into private collections. See galleries

I have found his works to be ideal for the beginner.

Using these invaluable tools in meditation techniques, you will be on your way to experience a bliss that you've never seen or experienced before.
How do I use these art forms to meditate?

To begin, browse through the various forms that appear on the following pages. Choose the one that appeals to you. You can then decide to buy a true giclee canvas print or go for a cheaper poster print.

A giclee canvas print brings out the life in the picture and creates the "original" effect brilliantly but if you feel its expensive, you can always go for a poster print - it will give you a sufficient reason to believe in the power of his works.

Once you've bought what appeals to you, proceed with the meditation techniques in the manner I'm about to tell you.

Believe me, I've tried the method and I'm willing to bet on the phenomenal effect these art forms will have on your mind and personality.

Let's go…

Observe your chosen picture long enough so that it begins stimulating your mind. As you feel your mind becoming calm, close your eyes and "observe" your breath. "Watch" the normal inhalation and exhalation process or the "so-hum" sound of inhalation-exhalation.

These profound art pieces are specifically created to break through the "mind-chatter" that keeps us from reaching the deeper level of our minds - an experience complete in itself.

If during the course, the mind wanders - as is bound to happen - remember the soothing picture you last saw and return to your breath awareness.

You will be astonished with the results!!

In the beginning, you may find the attention span very short but don't let that bother you. In a matter of days, this will gradually increase.

Browse through the galleries on the following pages for the "original" giclee canvas prints (individually authored by Master Basurto himself). You'll be on your way to a delightful soothing experience.

You can try these works of art totally risk-free for 30 days.b If for any reason you feel that they have not had a HUGE impact upon you, just send it back for a full refund on your charge.

That's how much we know it works!!

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