Chakras It means Located at Frontal trigger point Bodily system it governs Attributes it governs in body Conditions due to afflicted chakra
Mooldhara Root place In women at the cervix, and in men at the perineum Nose tip Excretory system (anus, rectum , colon) skeletal system, sense of smell, legs, cervix Survival, basic life force, material attachment, fear of death, good rhythm and dance, fearlessness, procreation, maintenance of family lineage, responsive to stimuli of labour Laziness, constipat depression, suicide, violence, obsessiion, Cancers,ve fearfulness, biting, kicking others, obsessive attachment to money, fear of childbirth, unresponsiveness to trigger of labour
Swadhistana Place of ones abode Tip of coccyx (last bony part of spinal column) Pubic bone Urinary system (kidneys, bladder etc.), Reproductive system (eggs, ovaries, fallopian tube, uterus in women & testes, sperm, prostate gland, penis in men) Sense of taste, a balanced sex drive, ability to analyse , fearlessness of water, high fertility Aversion to pain, genital inhibitions, obsession or addiction to sex, blockages of orgasm, fear of deep water, urinary disorders, fertility disorders, poor sense of taste, poor genital health
Manipura City of sparkling jewels Spinal column (lumbar junction of L1 and T12 vertebras) Navel centre Digestive system (stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, small intestine), sympathetic and parasympathetic sytems, adrenal glands Power, ego, good physical strength, self confidence, healthy digestion and assimilation Excessive egotism, ruthless ambition, bullying, hunger for power, body worship, digestive ailments, shaky nerves, fear of challenge, poor stamina, low self confidence, becoming somebody's door mat or slave
Anahata Unstruck Spinal column (T8) at the centre of the chest In line with the nipples Cardiovascular system , muscular system, spleen, respiratory system, skin, thymus gland, chest , upper back, hands , and the arms Emotions, relationships, love, ability to express oneself - poetry, music , fine arts etc. Respiratory disorders, heart problems, low auto - immunity, fear of loneliness, emotional imbalance, inability to maintain friends
Vishudh Purification Spinal column (at C7 vertebrae) Pit of throat Thyroid, parathyroid glands, function of throat (voice, ears, sense of hearing) Transformation of thoughts to speech, well pitched speaking or singing, acute sense of hearing Thyroid imbalance, vocal restriction, inability to comprehend.
Ajna Command Mid centre of the brain, top of the spinal cord Mid eyebrow centre at crown of head Autonomic nervous system, pineal gland, pituitary gland Sense of intuition (sixth sense), higher level of mind and wisdom beyond normal intellect Headaches, psychoses, schizophrenia, loss of reality, sleep disturbances, fantasy
Sahasrara(also known as God, Allah, Heaven, Parmatama, Supreme Love, Infinity etc) One thousand Various positions by different texts, usually at the base of scalp (fontanelle) Seen as the aura of sainthood or enlightenment, radiating light in all directions around the head No specific bodily system. Overall control of the brain