Yogic Gaze....(Trataka)

Trataka means steady gazing. It is a very simple and beautiful Meditation Technique.


In this a regular candle is used, however any other object of choice can be used. The candle is set up at an arm's distance, level with eyes, and steady gazing is first done with the eyes open. After some time, the eyes are closed, and the after image of the flame is 'gazed at' with eyes closed at the eye brow center. Try not to move through out the practice. Relax your breath , let it lengthen, deepen.

This open gazing of the flame and then with the eyes closed is alternated a couple of times before concluding the practice.

If using a candle for Trataka, the gaze should be fixed at the wick tip and not on the flame.

Trataka on a candle flame is best practised with a trataka stand. Click here to read about the Trataka Stand.


If practicing Trataka on a Candle flame, do not continue the practice for more than a month or two at a stretch as it may lead to damage of the retina.

  • It improves the optic function, both external and internal, such as poor eyesight and visualization abilities.
  • It helps develop concentration and mental resolve.
  • Develops the ability to maintain one-pointedness in amongst the noise and distractions of daily life.
  • Develops the psychic eye, that is the ability to "see" or understand what is inside and beyond the obvious. It develops the power of Intuition.

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