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Jala Neti And Smoking

Before understanding how the yoga cleansing practice of Jalaneti or Neti (saline nasal irrigation) can help in the quitting of smoking, we must understand the reason why stopping is so difficult.

Quitting smoking is extremely difficult due to the physical reasons, the psychological factors and at a subtle level the spiritual factor.

Physical reasons that include physical withdrawal symptoms are “catered” to by nicotine-free and tar-free solutions. These often fail because they look at smoking with an isolated view. Likewise, treatments such as hypnosis try to attack the underlying psychological reasons in a certain isolated manner.

However, yoga through its cleansing techniques has a composite approach to this problem, which often leads to permanent solution – no quick fix solution, but an integrated approach which works simultaneously at the physical and mental planes to create a relatively smooth transition from a smoker to a non smoker.

How Jalaneti works?

Jalaneti is a process of flushing of the nasal passages with warm saline water through a special Neti Pot. While this act itself is simple, it has powerful effects at both the physical and psychological levels.

At the physical level, it cleans the passages in such a way that ir reduces the tendency of mouth breathing and re-sensitizes the nose to the actual indecency of ingesting smoke.

At the psychological state it stimulates the olfactory bulb and the psychic center called the Ajna Chakra in yoga which leads to an inexplicable higher level of awareness which actually leads to the disinterest and gradual abhorrence of the practice.

The simultaneous addressing of the physical and psychological aspects leads to the gradual giving up of smoking.

" Neti Pot ... makes the smoking less enjoyable... "

S. Anderson, TN

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Although Jala Neti has been popular because of its ‘miraculous’ benefits for sufferers of sinus infection symptoms (read ‘neti for sinus infection’ by clicking here), it is only now being recognized for its tremendous help to those who are trying to quit smoking.

In conclusion, this yogic approach gradually resolves the underlying causes of persona disharmony, such that the urge to smoke leaves the person at a rate which is manageable and non-destructive, non-transferable. Along the way of self understanding, comes the understanding of the reasons for the smoking. The old skin is happily shed as the new one develops.

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