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Neti Updates
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Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 06 Jan 2012
I recently bought a Stainless Steel Neti pot as a Christmas gift. It turned out to be the perfect gift and the recipient was very happy with it.
Cindy, Tilton, NH
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 07 Dec 2011
I really enjoy using the neti pot. It is more convenient that my former one since it holds more water. I especially ally appreciated the instruction booklet from which I learned I was not drying my nasal passages thoroughly. Thanks you for your product. I have recommended it to others.
Sheri, Arlington, VA
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 06 Dec 2011
The Jal Neti Pots have been a boon to my allergies. While not completely treated, my allergic symptoms have been greatly reduced. Red, itchy eyes and nose are really improved. Because I travel a lot, the packets of salt are handy. Keep up the good work!
Bryan, Tucson, AZ
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 18 Oct 2011
I am enjoying my neti pot very much. It is much nicer than the ceramic pot that I have been using. It seals in the nostril much better. I am able to rinse both sides on one fill instead of two.
I was amazed at how fast I received my package. You get high marks for super fast shipment.
Michael, Greenfield, Indiana
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 14 Oct 2011
The Neti Pot I purchased is excellent. It`s attractive, easy to maintain, the right size and works perfectly. I like it so much I am going to buy it for others who may benefit just like I did. I saw others in stores and on the internet and I think this is the best product out there. I will still keep trying to sell my wife on the Neti Pot because it has brought much relief even after using it for a short time. Many thanks for upholding the standard of quality.
Robert, Beechhurst, NY
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 15 Sep 2011
Excellent Neti Pot - I never owned one, and having it stainless steel is the best, just used it today and I believe it will help my post nasal drip, and a cough I have had to deal with for awhile :/ Appreciate the product and thank you for the delivery. It looks like it is capable of lasting a lifetime...(whatever that may be :P) haha thanks!
Rance, Sacramento, California
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 01 Sep 2011
Thank you yes I received the pots and they are really great...far better than the plastic one I was using so I am really happy with them ...
Narelle, N.S.W, australia
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 24 Aug 2011
Received the neti pot about 10 days after ordering. The product is fine and well made. I am using it 3 times a day as per your instructions, I shall reduce this to once a day after two weeks. My problem is chronic sinusitis, but the most rewarding thing I have found was your detailed instructions online on how to improve my condition. Your information was very useful. A very good service.
Arthur, Essex, UK
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 01 Aug 2011
Hi, yes I have received my Neti Pot and I am very satisfied with the quality and performance of the product. The quick delivery time was also appreciated. Thank you.
H.Vignes, Adelaide, South Australia
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 25 Jul 2011
I bought the Stainless Steel Neti Pot and was very impressed. The improved performance and quality had an immediate impact on the effectiveness of the cleansing process. Additionally, your service was outstanding, with emails before and after delivery so we always knew the status of our order. Thank you.
Baime, Wexford, PA
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 13 Jul 2011
Hi, yes I have received my Neti Pot and I am very satisfied with the quality and performance of the product. The quick delivery time was also appreciated. Thank you. Haydn.
Haydn, Adelaide, Australia
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 02 Jul 2011
Your service was great, ordering was easy, and I can`t say enough about the stainless steel neti pot. It is an awesome product. It works well and keeps my sinus infections to a minimum. I really appreciate its durability. I have owned one for four or five years and accidentally dropped it several times, but you wouldn`t know. It is still in brand new condition. Thanks for selling a great product and for standing behind it.
Deanne, San Diego, CA
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 02 Jul 2011
Received in good condition. I couldn t wait to try this method of cleansing. I have tried a lot of products and the neti-pot surpasses them all. I recommend the neti-pot to anyone with sinus problems. Like most with chronic sinus problems I was ready to try anything and after only a few days my nasal passages showed signs of clearing. I will continue to use this process on a daily basis. I am totally satisfied with my purchase. Thank you.
Linda Spence, Venice, FL
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 22 Apr 2011
Thank you! I have ordered four neti pots and lots of salt packets. Each order has gone smoothly and arrived in record time. I have not had a cold in ten years and now my three children are believers, too! I am so glad I switched to your stainless steel neti pot a few years ago. It is far superior to what I had been using. Again, thanks for everything!
Louise, Bergenfield, NJ
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 09 Apr 2011
Thank you so much for my Neti Pot. Your service and support system are excellent and I ve never seen better. My Neti Pot is giving me relief from years of not being able to breath without medication. I can now breath clearly when I wake up in the morning and remain clear all day long. I recently got a cold and within 2 days of using the Neti Pot my head was clear again and my ears quit hurting me. I had suffered from an ear ache and sinus infection for about 2 months before starting to use my Neti Pot and now both problems have been cleared up. I have referred my friends and family to you thru the referral program and hope they give it a try since I know they would enjoy relief from their sinus problems. Thank you again for a great product, easy to follow instructions and excellent customer support.
Michele, Middletown,PA
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 09 Apr 2011
The pot was delivered without incident. I love using it - i use it twice a day and i particularly like the design and material of my neti pot. I did find your YouTube neti pot demonstration to be extremely helpful.
Katherine, San Francisco, CA
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 29 Mar 2011
I am very pleased with my recent purchase from you. My order arrived even sooner than I expected, and the jala neti pot is everything you promised it would be--and more! Because of allergies, I suffer from a constant state of head "stuffiness." I have tried medicines, with little or no results. Recently, I have had to suffer through my symptoms due to being in a state of either pregnancy or nursing for the last couple of years. (I refuse to take any allergy meds while pregnant or nursing.) The jala neti pot has given me so much relief from sinus pressure and has made breathing so much easier--much better than any meds I ve ever tried--that I will continue to use it on a daily basis even when I am no longer nursing. I will never even bother with allergy medicines ever again. They never really worked for me anyway. I am so glad to have found an easy and natural (not to mention super INEXPENSIVE) way to alleviate the allergy symptoms that I ve suffered from for years. I can t thank you enough for providing such a wonderful (and surprisingly easy to use) product. I m hooked!
Hicks, Auburn, NE
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 19 Mar 2011
The Neti Pot is wonderful. I have had three sinus surgeries this past year. Taking Predisone and antibiotic in mega doses. I would still be going to the Doctor and taking these dangerous drugs if it were not for the Neti. Even though it is difficult to learn exactly how to use it properly it is well worth the effort. It took me about a week to get the correct water flow through my nasal passage but, it is working great and no medication at all. I feel so much better. I can breathe.
Summerlin, Theodore, LA
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 08 Mar 2011
I love the Neti pot. I did alot of research before I bought one the set I received from Health & Yoga is fabulous. Holds alot of solution & stainless steel is best for longevity! I haven t gotten a cold or the flu. My entire family needs this neti-pot!!!
Mery, Georgetown, KY
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 25 Feb 2011
The Neti pot I ordered (stainless steel) is the best neti pot I have had and I couldn t live without it; especially during allergy season. The website portrays it exactly as it is and shipping was quick. Thanks to Health & Yoga for their quick response and follow up. I highly recommend their site and thorough information on their products to anyone looking for a Neti pot or other health products. A+++
Aimee, orlando, FL
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