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Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 07 Dec 2011
I really enjoy using the neti pot. It is more convenient that my former one since it holds more water. I especially ally appreciated the instruction booklet from which I learned I was not drying my nasal passages thoroughly. Thanks you for your product. I have recommended it to others.
Sheri, Arlington, VA
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 06 Dec 2011
The Jal Neti Pots have been a boon to my allergies. While not completely treated, my allergic symptoms have been greatly reduced. Red, itchy eyes and nose are really improved. Because I travel a lot, the packets of salt are handy. Keep up the good work!
Bryan, Tucson, AZ
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 18 Oct 2011
I am enjoying my neti pot very much. It is much nicer than the ceramic pot that I have been using. It seals in the nostril much better. I am able to rinse both sides on one fill instead of two.
I was amazed at how fast I received my package. You get high marks for super fast shipment.
Michael, Greenfield, Indiana
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 14 Oct 2011
The Neti Pot I purchased is excellent. It`s attractive, easy to maintain, the right size and works perfectly. I like it so much I am going to buy it for others who may benefit just like I did. I saw others in stores and on the internet and I think this is the best product out there. I will still keep trying to sell my wife on the Neti Pot because it has brought much relief even after using it for a short time. Many thanks for upholding the standard of quality.
Robert, Beechhurst, NY
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