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Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 28 Jun 2010
Thank you--in reply to your message, we did receive the two jala neti quickly, and we have incorporated them into our yoga practice. Frankly, I have not been able to breathe this well in quite a while. I will also inform you when we receive the sutra Neti. Your website is very helpful and informative.
Kenneth, Pittsburgh, PA
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 19 Jun 2010
I have my received my Jala Neti Kit and I absolutely love it!! I ve been plagued with allery and sinus problems for years. Over the last few years, I ve had 3 to 4 sinus infections per year. I was talking to a co-worker and told him of my reluctance to start a steroid treatment as my doctor had suggested. He told me how his doctor had recommended the use of a Neti pot and how he d been problem free for eight months. This was someone who had taken allergy medications daily in the past. After his suggestion to look into, I did a web search on Neti Pots and happened upon the Jala Neti. I noticed a difference almost immediately. I feel better than I have in years. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!! I will continue to spread the news to all my friends!
Sharon, New Carrollton, MD
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 15 Jun 2010
The Jala Neti Kit was as you described and works very well. Very fast shipping and good packaging. Keep up the good work. I will refer any of my friends who might be interested in your products. Thank you.
Douglas , Sacramento, CA
Neti Pot - Comment    -    posted on 10 Jun 2010
I am very happy with this product (neti pot). I have been using twice daily and I have found that it has helped improve my breathing immensely. Thanks, again, for your prompt service and response.
LeMay, Maryland
Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 28 May 2010
Received shipment fast and ordering was easy. Product is WONDERFUL and cleared up sinus problems that I had been having since May...had tried everything and hadn t gotten a full nights sleep in months until I tried the neti pot. Have recommended it to many people, some of which have also gone out and bought them for wives, girlfriends, spouses.. thank you again
Darrell, Seneca Falls, New York
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 27 May 2010
I just love my neti pot!! Everyone here in Charlotte has had or still has bad colds, flu, sinus infections, but not me! I feel certain that the neti pot usage twice daily has prevented me from getting sick and spreading all those bad germs and viruses! I am also beginning to nose breathe for the first time in my life!
Linda, Charlotte, NC
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 25 May 2010
I am new to Jala Neti and was looking for an easy, cheap but most importantly drug free way of treating allergy, post nasal drip and this is having a good affect ( I am only doing stage 1) It is very simple to do and about 1/10th the cost of a machine! I have just started doing practise runs of stage 2 and that really clears me out! As a singer this has made a significant difference to the qaulity of my voice too.I dont have to constantly clear my throat between lines!
Darren, Australia
Neti Pot - Comment    -    posted on 24 May 2010
I received my order. It was very prompt. I especially like the little instruction book that came with my Neti Pot. It is very informative. Thanks for checking to make sure that I received my order!
Zella, Drums, PA
Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 21 May 2010
Your nasal irrigator is the greatest invention. It has helped erase sinus problems in addition to great benefit with air allergies. I have purchased several pots for friends since buying my first one. Thanks much.
Clayton, Arlington, TX
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 19 May 2010
This style of the neti pot is great. far more convient then the ceramic pots that I have tried. Thank you.
Petrosino, Hoboken, NJ
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 18 May 2010
I am really happy. The jalaneti pot works a lot better than the plastic product I had been using till date. For one thing the cone shaped tip of the spout truly fits and seals the nostril, so no salt water runs back out that way. This also has to do with the different technique, of course, of holding the head tilted at a right angle rather than upright. Another plus is the size of the pot, it contains 2x the quantity of water as does the plastic contraption. This makes for a better flow, better cleaning quality. I have easily mastered stage 1 and stage 2 of Jalaneti. Having read all those happy reviews before I ordered my pot, I decided to order two of them, one for home use, one for the office, or - who knew to give it to someone. I have done this and given it to a friend who has continued sinus problems. I gave her instructions as on the CD, and she found it easy to use right away from the first time. I am very happy with my pot, and was using it 2x a day, initially. I can report that I have found my sense of smell again and my nose is staying unblocked now and I can breathe through it at last! Great product!
B. M. , Switzerland
Neti Pot - Comment    -    posted on 11 May 2010
I have rec d the neti pots. They are wonderful! The booklet and the CD were very informative. My ceramic neti pot broke, just as I was coming down with a cold. Colds are not fun to begin with, but without a neti, it was even more miserable an experience. The thought of having to go through winter cold and flu season without a neti pot made me want to cry, so I ordered your steel ones. I was apprehensive about the steel pots at first, but they have proven to be much easier and more comfortable to use than the ceramic ones. Other people have spoken highly of your customer service and I can see why. I have been very pleased with both the quality of your products and the quality of your service. Thank you very much.
Jodi, U.S.A
Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 10 May 2010
My five year old son has had a chronic sinus infection for the past three months, and this is the first time that we have felt we are making progress on it. He is actually doing very well with the Neti Pot and reminds us every night that it is "time to Neti!
C. Robason, WA
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 07 May 2010
I ordered one of your neti pots a month ago and have been using it for the past three weeks. All of my life I have suffered from sinus problems: chronic infections, allergies, very bad colds, pneumonia, flu, headaches, strep throat, and perpetually runny or swollen mucous membranes. Anti-histamines, decongestants, nosesprays, and anti-biotics never really cured any of this; they only treated my illness symptomatically.When I started using the neti pot, I was suffering from a chronic, low-level sinus infection which resulted in my nose being stuffed up in the morning, and every morning I would blow out a small amount of infected matter. After using the neti pot for three days, there was no more infected material to blow out. No more sinus headaches. No more tension in my face. I can breathe at night, without constantly resorting to decongestants. I still sometimes take anti-histamines, but my allergic reactions are much less bothersome than they were before. I can breathe much more deeply and clearly than ever before in my life, without the use of many drugs.
Barbara, Jessop, Maryland
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 06 May 2010
I love my stainless steel Neti pot! I wore my ceramic one out and had to throw it away. I doubt that will be the case with this one and I can travel with it without worries of breakage. I was nice to receive several emails from you concerning my purchase as well. Thank you!
M. B, Athens, GA
Neti Pot - Comment    -    posted on 05 May 2010
I travel for business (75,000+ miles per year) and the air travel has lead to chronic sinus and ear problems. I searched for two years for something which would help (including Naturopathy, Homeopath, prescription medicines,and diet). I discovered neti (using other pots), and I tried this plus various saline sprays for a year before finding your web site. Only after discovering and using your neti pot, the practice became comfortable and regular (even pleasant!). I have since tried three other designs, and all were uncomfortable or inconvenient for daily use, maintenance, or travel. I will use no other neti pot!

Relief has been lasting and significant--but it was not immediate! It was not until I established comfortable, regular practice that I experienced meaningful and lasting improvement. Now despite my frequent travel and exposure to every imaginable cold bug, I have only taken cold once or twice a year (instead of at least every month!), and usually recover quickly. Not only have I convinced myself that this "unusual foreign" practice is valuable, but I ve convinced four family members of the value as well who have overcome their own initial "trepidation" at neti.

The cause/effect relationship for me is quite clear, established by my own observation over the past 18 months or so: I continue the practice regularly, and I remain healthy. Conversely, when I discontinue the practice for a while, I ll quite likely get a cold in short order (no lack of sources in airplanes!)

Through everything, your service has always been friendly, personal, responsive, and professional. May your business and your vision to help spread the benefits of these practices succeed!
Paul, Indianola, WA
Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 30 Apr 2010
The Neti Pot is wonderful. I have had three sinus surgeries this past year. Taking Predisone and antibiotic in mega doses. I would still be going to the Doctor and taking these dangerous drugs if it were not for the Neti. Even though it is difficult to learn exactly how to use it properly it is well worth the effort. It took me about a week to get the correct water flow through my nasal passage but, it is working great and no medication at all. I feel so much better. I can breathe.
Ruth, Theodore, LA
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 29 Apr 2010
Thank you for delivery of the Neti Pot. The pot is high quality and the instructions that accompany it are excellent. It s made a big difference in my life, providing instant relief for my sinuses that lasts all day.
Mark, Wayne, PA
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 26 Apr 2010
The products arrived in good time and in excellent shape. The neti jala is wonderful,the edges are so smooth and it is so easy to use. I had a plastic one before that hurt my nose, so I am very pleased. The stainless steel is so attractive and hygenic. Thank you.
D.S, Boise, ID
Neti Pot - Comment    -    posted on 24 Apr 2010
I did receive my neti pot. It is perfect. I d been using the much smaller ceramic one, but it has two disadvantages. One, you have to refill the pot and resalt it before doing the second nostril. Two, you can t tell just by touching the outside of a cer(a)mic pot exactly how warm the water is. (A third is that it s breakable, and I did break one.) This metal pot contains more water than two of the ceramic ones, too. Also, I like the design of the spout. It s neater and more comfortable. Thank you!
Scheidt, NY
Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 23 Apr 2010
Thank you for your efficient service. I have received my order yesterday and I am delighted with the products. I will tell anyone I know who is interested in obtaining a high quality Neti Pot that your company is the best and sells them at the best price. Your Neti Pot has even won the praise of my wife, Maureen, (a registered nurse) who had never desired to use the nasal cleansing technique until she saw me using your product. She is convinced that it is helping her during this cold season and finds it easier to use than the ceramic pot we had before.
Dave Mooney, Valatie, NY
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 22 Apr 2010
For the past 10 years I have lived every day with my sinus problems, but with your product they disappeared. Excellent people, excellent product.
Jasmin, Macedonia
Neti Pot - New Testimonial    -    posted on 21 Apr 2010
The neti pot seems to be the ideal size and fit,and easily kept clean. I am very satisfied all around.
Corrado, Burien, WA
Neti Pot - Comment    -    posted on 20 Apr 2010
I did receive the Neti Pots and CD, thank you. The product is very nice and easy to use. The service is excellent, very personal, shich is greatly appreciated.
Barbara, Barrington, Illinois
Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 19 Apr 2010
I thought the whole selection and ordering process was clear and easy, and my order arrived in a timely fashion. I have been using Neti pot for over 2 years now, and my sinuses are much healthier - less colds and allergies, too. The two pots I ordered were actually gifts. Thanks for your good service..
B.W, Island, NY
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 17 Apr 2010
I love it. I have told everyone how wonderful the neti pot it and how great it makes me feel. I m using it once per day unless I have a sinus thing going on and then use it more.
Melody, Bonner Springs, KS
Neti Pot - New Testimonial    -    posted on 16 Apr 2010
I received my Neti pot a few weeks ago. It was actually for my Dad. I have one and love it so I got him one and he uses it everyday (twice) a day, and I use mine three or four times a day. We are very pleased with it. I read about the Neti pot in my Prevention magazine, and decided to try it! I hope I m never without one!
Sandral, Greenbrier, AR
Neti Pot - Comment    -    posted on 15 Apr 2010
I received the stainless steel Neti Pot three days after placing the order, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with such prompt service. I am using the Neti pot every morning and pleased with the results, it is a habit now and do not want to start the day with out using it."
Vance, Chimacum, WA
Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 14 Apr 2010
The Neti Pot and video arrived in good shape. My wife has been using it to relieve symptoms of menstruation and tonsilloliths (tonsil stones). Performing the Neti routine has eased her postnasal drip and lessened the frequency of her monthly headaches which were very debilitating.
William, Lawrenceville, GA
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 13 Apr 2010
The recipe I got with my last pot (a ceramic one) used 1/4 tsp. salt to 8 oz water and it always "hurt" when I used it. I find that the recipe you have sent of 1/2 tsp. per 8 oz is very comfortable. Also I had never known how to dry my sinuses afterward and it has really helped. I think you have a wonderful product (and it is not likely to break like the ceramic ones I have used in the past).
Martha, Dayton, OH
Neti Pot - New Testimonial    -    posted on 10 Apr 2010
I have received the neti pot and I am very happy with it. It works very well and I think its one of the best on the market. It was recommenced to me and I have found it to be a great help with my allergies. I received the package in a very timely manner and I have been using it consistently.
Betsey Ward, Syracuse, NY
Neti Pot - Comment    -    posted on 09 Apr 2010
I have been using your neti pot for a year. It is a miracle. I used to suffer from chronic sinus infections especially during the winter. That is gone. I use the neti pot daily. Three pots a day. One pot stage one, and two pots stage two. I learned stage two on my own with your help, you were kind enough to send me detailed instructions via email. Its part of my morning routine. Now if I miss a day I can feel the difference.
Charls, Shady Cove, OR
Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 08 Apr 2010
Yes I received the pot before Christmas and have been using it twice a day I feel that it has helped me greatly. I no longer have been taking decongestants. Each time I use the pot it seems to flow more freely. I am assuming that this is a result of cleaning of the nasal cavity and not just from improved technique.
Bill, Madison, WI
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 07 Apr 2010
I received my Neti Pot and am very pleased with it--though it does have a slight dent in bottom but in no way interfere with the working of it. I have a Granddaughter who s nose is always stuffy and she has used it several time while here--it always clears her stuffiness and she sleeps so much better--not as restless. Thank You for your prompt service--looking forward to doing further business with you.
Carol, Earlton, NY
Neti Pot - New Testimonial    -    posted on 06 Apr 2010
I have received the neti pot, and I ve been using it daily. I like it very much because I have a lot of problems breathing through my nose. I think living and working in Washington, DC has a lot to do with the problems, although I also have "structural" nose problems. There are 2 things that are very good about your neti pot; one, that it is unbreakable, and the other that it is large enough for both nostrils. I m very happy with it.
Anonymous, Washington, DC
Neti Pot - Comment    -    posted on 05 Apr 2010
I have received my neti pot - we really like it. We bought it to help my husband with sinus congestion related snoring. I am sleeping well and now we are going to buy one for his mom and her snoring. ha

I like the large size so we don t have to refill it. I don t have sinus or snoring issues - but I tried it and was amazed how my already clear breathing was clearer.
Eduardo, Caracas, Venezuela
Neti Pot Feedback    -    posted on 03 Apr 2010
It arrived promptly. I was "scared" to try the neti pot, but I am already a convert. This is my third day of using it and I can feel a difference. My husband has a persistent cough that the medical profession has not been able to cure so we are hoping that this will be a homeopathic solution.
Susan, Newton, NJ
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 02 Apr 2010
I was happy with how quickly you sent it to me (well under the quoted time) and the Neti pot is GREAT. It works much better than ceramic Neti pots I have tried - it is larger and gets the water through more efficiently. I m very pleased!
Janeen, San Pablo, CA
Neti Pot - New Testimonial    -    posted on 01 Apr 2010
I received the neti pot and I use it every day. I have integrated it into my morning hygiene routine. I think it is helping keep my sinusitis at bay and I have actually come to enjoy it. I have recommended it to others and hope they will have the open mindedness to try it. Cheers.
Jennifer, Santa Fe, NM
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