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Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 29 Mar 2011
I am very pleased with my recent purchase from you. My order arrived even sooner than I expected, and the jala neti pot is everything you promised it would be--and more! Because of allergies, I suffer from a constant state of head "stuffiness." I have tried medicines, with little or no results. Recently, I have had to suffer through my symptoms due to being in a state of either pregnancy or nursing for the last couple of years. (I refuse to take any allergy meds while pregnant or nursing.) The jala neti pot has given me so much relief from sinus pressure and has made breathing so much easier--much better than any meds I ve ever tried--that I will continue to use it on a daily basis even when I am no longer nursing. I will never even bother with allergy medicines ever again. They never really worked for me anyway. I am so glad to have found an easy and natural (not to mention super INEXPENSIVE) way to alleviate the allergy symptoms that I ve suffered from for years. I can t thank you enough for providing such a wonderful (and surprisingly easy to use) product. I m hooked!
Hicks, Auburn, NE
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 19 Mar 2011
The Neti Pot is wonderful. I have had three sinus surgeries this past year. Taking Predisone and antibiotic in mega doses. I would still be going to the Doctor and taking these dangerous drugs if it were not for the Neti. Even though it is difficult to learn exactly how to use it properly it is well worth the effort. It took me about a week to get the correct water flow through my nasal passage but, it is working great and no medication at all. I feel so much better. I can breathe.
Summerlin, Theodore, LA
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 08 Mar 2011
I love the Neti pot. I did alot of research before I bought one the set I received from Health & Yoga is fabulous. Holds alot of solution & stainless steel is best for longevity! I haven t gotten a cold or the flu. My entire family needs this neti-pot!!!
Mery, Georgetown, KY
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 25 Feb 2011
The Neti pot I ordered (stainless steel) is the best neti pot I have had and I couldn t live without it; especially during allergy season. The website portrays it exactly as it is and shipping was quick. Thanks to Health & Yoga for their quick response and follow up. I highly recommend their site and thorough information on their products to anyone looking for a Neti pot or other health products. A+++
Aimee, orlando, FL
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 18 Feb 2011
The neti pot is fantastic! I can clear my sinus passages and breathe without taking excessive decongestants. After trying to fight off a sinus infection for over a month, I finally have it beat and I feel much better.
Bruce, Griffith, IN
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 10 Feb 2011
The Stainless Steel Neti Pot is fabulous! I ve used a ceramic one in the past, but this Pot has a perfectly shaped spout that doesn t allow leakage of the saline out of your nose, the pot is larger to allow a more thorough cleanse, and the quality is excellent! I also prefer the premeasured salt packets ~ they help make traveling with my Neti Pot much more convenient. Thank you for such a wonderful product.
Ryals, Evans, GA
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 03 Feb 2011
I received my jala neti pots in good time with all the relevant attachments. I am thrilled with your website and all your products and aim to order more in the near future! Also your offer of a 10% discount on future offers makes it more attractive. Well done and thank you for your integrity and high level of service!
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 27 Jan 2011
I love my Neti Pot. It took a week or so to get the technique just right, but I don t miss a day now. I live between two corn fields and a cow pasture. I haven t had any sinus problems at all since using my Neti. I would suggest Neti to anyone. The shipping on my order was very quick. Less than a week at Christmas time. Health and Yoga is a great site, and love shopping and reading the articles. My yoga studio sells Health and Yoga products as well. Thank you for a great site. I will continue to conduct business with you in the future.
Weigant, Evansville, IN
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 21 Jan 2011
I was interested in purchasing a Neti pot to help with some sinus issues I have had for several years. I did some research on the internet, and found many positive recommendations for your product, along with logical reasons why yours was better (stainless steel, larger size, etc.) After using it for several weeks, I fully agree. Wonderful. Shipment was fast, and the whole process smooth. The instructional DVD was nicely done and helpful as well. Thanks for everything!!
Ruberg, Chandler, AZ
Neti Pot New Testimonial    -    posted on 18 Jan 2011
Bought your Neti pot two months ago. Great service. Design is far superior to the usual pots I ve seen -easy to use and clean, with plenty of volume. The instructional DVD was clear and thorough. The online FAQs and discussion of using Neti pots was exhaustively informative. Have been using it at least twice a day for the last month and am already experiencing its benefits. Thank you so much for developing and selling such an excellent product.
Drab, North Wales, PA
Thumbs Up to the Neti Pot    -    posted on 13 Jan 2011
I really love my new Netti Pot. I had a smaller one made from ceramic and thought that a larger one would be nice. The design of the new one surpassed my existing model. A Netti is just not a Netti. This one is my favorite! And the other item....wonderful; as well. I received them before estimated date...very satisfied and would do business again with you! Thanks~Donna
Donna, Indianpolis, IN
Neti Pot Comment    -    posted on 08 Jan 2011
Outstanding as always . . . this is the 2nd set of Neti pots that I have ordered from you. One to replace the one I was using and one for my daughter. I gave the 2nd one from the first order to my son. We all use our Neti`s with outstanding results. I just had my first bout with sinusitis in over 4 years. It was due to an exposure to something in the air and it took hold before I could get back home to my Neti pot. However, after netiying my nose twice daily, the sinusitis only lasted about 3 days. Thank You!!!
Donham, Brooksville, FL
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