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Our Electrical Energy

By Ron Harder

When we think of energy, the first thoughts that come to mind are things like our energy reserves, the energy we get from the sun, or perhaps the energy we get from the wind. There is a different form of energy, and that is the electrical energy that we develop within our human body.

The energy within the human body has fascinated man for centuries. Walt Whitman created some of his most powerful imagery when he wrote; "I sing the body electric; the exquisite realization of health, with the charge of the soul." "The charge of the soul" describes ancient Chinese teachings on energy. They viewed energy as the "chi", the life force that we carry within us. The Chinese studied this "chi" for years, and continually searched for ways in which man could capture and then harness this energy.

How does all this electrical energy work? Travelling from cell to cell are pulsating currents of pure electrical energy. These cellular power plants supply electrical energy to our organs and muscles to keep our body running efficiently, but we rarely think of this continuous activity within the body. Processes that we take for granted such as breathing, cleansing, elimination, fat control and healing, all depend on these countless cellular energy plants.

Our energy is created at a cellular level by the "burning up" of protein molecules within us. The energy that we use for our physical activities are the end result of the workings of the cellular power plants within us.

Here is something that we should all give serious thought to. Our bodies distribute our available energy using strict priorities. Energy goes first to crucial body functions such as breathing, then to muscles and organs, then to digestion, then to cleansing and elimination, and then to healing. However, there is only so much energy to go around, and because most people exist at barely half of their energy potential, the body must pick and choose where it wants the energy to go. Because of this, about half of our body functions are continually being denied.

Fortunately, since our body is a lot wiser than we are, it is not going to cut off the energy needed for breathing to satisfy an energy requirement somewhere else. It will use its available energy according to the priorities that have been established. If energy is required for some immediate activity such as digestion, it will be directed away from some lesser activity such as cleansing, waste elimination, fat maintenance, or organ and muscle tone.

Because of this priority system, the activity that requires the most energy, and which frequently gets very little, is the natural healing process of the body. Combating disease and infection requires a huge amount of energy but this energy may not be available if our energy levels are low. Our lifestyles and diets burn up so much energy that our bodies may not have enough energy left to heal themselves.

When our energy supply runs low all the functions of our body are impaired. Digestion, absorption, assimilation, elimination, circulation and respiration become inefficient. All the tissues and fluids of the body become sluggish. The cells are no longer nourished and we feel unwell. Our health declines and we feel "sick". This process is called degeneration.

Why do our energy supplies run low? We receive energy from the things that we consume. Most of what we now consume does not contain sufficient nutrition to keep our energy supplies high. To recharge our energy plants we must provide our body with wholesome food, but it is becoming more and more difficult to find the high quality food that will sustain us.

Our produce is often force-grown in depleted soils, sprayed with toxic chemicals, and placed in cold storage for months. It is then taken out of storage and kept for a few hours under supermarket lighting. We then take this produce home and boil out any remaining nutrition that may have been left.

We may think that we are eating well, but most of us are not. We need to consume those things that supply us with a high level of nutrition, and the only source we have available to us is food that has been grown in rich soil, has been grown and processed without the use of chemicals, and has not had its nutrition destroyed by excessive heat. It is extremely important for us to understand that everything we consume either makes an energy deposit to our body, or it makes an energy withdrawal.

This article written by Ron Harder, Nutritional Health Consultant, Iridologist, and Author of "How to DEFEAT CANCER NATURALLY without Chemo, Radiation, or Surgery". A free chapter of this new book is available at:  www.defeatcancernaturally.com/one.html.

With warm wishes,
Ankita Goel

This newsletter is based on my experience and understanding of "Mother as First Guru" by Swami Gurupremananda Saraswati which I consider a complete 'Biblical Guide' to natural womanhood, pregnancy and spiritual mothering. To read more about it, click here.

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