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What is Kundalini Yoga
By Pieter

Yoga, we are told, apparently means the union between 2 things. But in reality, the Truth is that these 2, which are the individual consciousness and the Universal Consciousness, are "not-two," they are already identical, one and the same. So, what do we mean by Yoga? We mean a practice, method, system and understanding through which the illusion that the individual consciousness is not identical with the Universal Consciousness dissolves, like the morning mist upon the rising of the sun. This illusion is called Maya.

The Truth is that the Universal Consciousness pervades the universe in all its dimensions as the substratum of Being and Light. This Being and Light manifests in the Heart of mankind as the feeling of "I." When the mind is turned towards this self-effulgent light in the Heart, there is a pulsation of a single "I" that reverberates throughout the body-mind field, dissolving the identity and attachment to the idea that "I am the body and these thoughts in relation to a separate world."

The veiling aspect of Maya is that this Truth is not seen and does not shine forth. Thus, what Yoga comes down to is the isolation of the seer, the subject "I." With the practice of Yoga, the illusion is pierced, and we come to realize and experience non-dual, all-pervasive consciousness as our natural state.

Kundalini is simply the Awareness of this Universal Consciousness. In the body, there are various mechanisms that govern or regulate the flow of this universal energy. One of these is located in an area called the Kandal, between the navel and 4th Vertebra; another of these, the Sahasrara, is located in the area of the hypothalamus, between the pituitary and pineal glands, and a third is located in the Hrdayam, 1/8th to the right of the sternum in the synod or pacemaker of the physical heart. The object of Yoga is to open and release the force that is in these governing centers in order that the deluded individual will experience his/her True Self.

There are various kinds of yoga practice that have this objective.

Hatha Yoga Practice, which starts with considerable fasting, internal cleansing, and proceeds with asanas (postures) and then to pranayama, requires considerable solitude to be ultimately effective.

Raja Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga combines Hatha Yoga and long periods of pranayama (breathing exercises) with long hours of solitude, study and meditation.

Bhakti Yoga (the Path of Devotion), without the presence of a Saint or the release of the inner Awareness, often degenerates into dogmatic and rigid beliefs in words without the experience of their meaning, binding the soul rather than releasing it.

Jnana Yoga (the Path of Knowledge), without the presence of a Saint or purity of mind, often becomes pure intellectualism or an inner mental game where discrimination between the Real (the single sense of "I") and unreal (the identity of the sense of "I" with thoughts and sensations) becomes an absorbing trap that binds rather than releases.

Shaktipad Kundalini Yoga requires a Guru and disciples, where the Guru expands prana in his field (aura), which encompasses then releases the flow of prana in the disciples/devotees, causing the manifestation of postures and movements, which over time purify the body towards a deeper inner awareness.

The Kundalini Yoga of Yogi Bhajan is self-initiating, with advancement depending entirely on a regular practice of sets of Kundalini Yoga exercises. While there is the Golden Link to the line of Kundalini Yoga Masters and Saints that ever abide in the non-dual Truth, Yogi Bhajan only seeks that students become linked to their inner identity with the Truth, the One God - Parbrahm-Akal.

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is oriented specifically towards the practice of a specialized scientific yoga, where various kinds of powerful breathing that bring about a super charging and vitalizing of the blood, are combined with postures, movements and angles that put pressure on different centers and systems of the body, causing the saturation of blood into these areas. Within a matter of minutes, as the vitalized blood circulates into these areas that are under the contracting or expanding pressure brought about by these postures and movements. The nerves are caused to fire in a balanced and completely electrified manner; the capillaries of the organs and glands open discharging their toxins; cells discharge backed up waste, and energy is absorbed and accumulated. As a result, these centers now begin to carry a greater and greater charge, returning to their natural voltage, and the glands begin to secrete bringing about an all encompassing chemical electric balance.

As the nerves and centers become charged, the body/mind field begins to resonate. Now, the Laya Yoga chants, mantras and Shabad Yoga practices of Kundalini Yoga begin to become completely effective in balancing and releasing the harmonized flow of energy/consciousness (prana) throughout the electromagnetic field and aura.

The result of regular practice of these Kundalini Yoga exercises in specifically designed sets and kriyas, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is that in a very systematic way the magnetic field and aura become perfectly balanced, both inwardly, as the inner power of discrimination of the Real dawns, drawing the mind inward to abide in one's inner Truth, and in relation to the experience of the all-pervasive Universal Consciousness.

As the aura and magnetic field charge, a pranic pressure builds that turns the mind inward, triggering the opening and releasing of the substratum energy or cosmic force in the Kandal (Evolutionary), Sahasrara (Involutionary) and Hrdayam (Dissolutionary). With this opening and release, the veil of Maya is lifted, and the individual soul begins to experience the gradual and sudden emergence of the Totality of their Bei.

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