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The Purpose of Yoga

By Pieter

Patanjani's Yoga Sutras begin with the statement that the purpose of yoga is to isolate the seer, and from there provide a whole exposition of the 8 limbs of yoga ending in the chapter "Isolation."
Isolation of the seer, which is the subject "I" in the experience of I as I" accompanied by a radical force of dissolution of all images and impressions, begins with "hearing." Hearing becomes "remembering," and remembering becomes perfect "abiding."
These are the words in the English language that are used by Christ to describe the process of becoming "Born Again in the "Spirit of Truth." Words having the same meaning are also seen in all the religions of the world, for example, sravana, manana, niddidyasana in Vedanta; sunia, manana and mamu kita bhau in the Sikh dharma, and Mahamudra in Buddhism.
Coming to this point of "hearing" is the purpose of Kundalini Yoga practice, a process that uses light (Prana) and sound (Naad) to purify the neural pathways and charge the chakras (Batteries of the body) to the point where the mind becomes single, electro-magnetically polarized and balanced pure and inward drawn, capable of reflecting the All pervasive Consciousness that is the ground and substratum (Turya) of the three states of waking dreaming and deep sleep, the Awareness of Being felt as "I" in every person born in this world.
At this point, there is a sudden inward pulling in the "Spiritual Heart" (Hrdayam), and there is a sensation of the "I" pulsing as "I" and a radical force emerges that entirely dissolves the notions of "I am this and that - a body with thoughts and impressions related to a separate world." Hearing is the True Hearer recollecting Itself as Truth and putting aside the limited adjunct of the ego mind. The sun of the Self having risen, the full moon of the mind appearing in the blue sky is no longer necessary to see.
Yoga means Union of the individual unit of consciousness with the Universal Consciousness. As the Universal Consciousness lights each person through the Heart, as the awareness of "I." From the heart It lights all the nerves of the body and one major nerve to the brain. When the mind becomes pure, the individual discovered that he/she is and has always been only the Universal Consciousness and the full potential of what it means to be a human being becomes possible. This is the awakening or emerging of the True Man and True Woman.
Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, we mean a scientific methodology or human technology through which the individual unit of consciousness can be yoked to the Universal Consciousness.
The nature of awareness is meditation itself. When the mind is focused on this practice with a steady awareness initially of the postures, movements, breathing and mantras, one begins to awaken to the flow of prana throughout the body field, which is above the frequency of thoughts. The awareness and prana merge and a sense of single hearing takes hold that tunes all the nerves of the body to the unstruck sound of the "I" pulsing as "I" in the Heart.
Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice from before the time of the development of separate yoga practices, which came about as cultures and civilizations were divided and scattered due to war, pestilence and planetary changes. In this Yoga, Shakti (energy consciousness that converts bindu to ojas) becomes Bhakti (the opening of the higher centers from the heart to the throat to the brain, resulting in pure and single devotion for True Being), and Bhakti becomes Gyan (jnana), as a force of inner pervasive Intelligence awakens within the individual, who ever after abides as undifferentiated unconditioned, uncaused, timeless, space-like Being.
Kundalini, which means Awareness, is the both the process and the result of this awakening.
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