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Ordering Information

"What you get in this fantastic Book set...... "
"Mother As First Guru" comes to you as a complete set of 2 books plus a set of 2 audio CDs. The elaborate details, experiences and practical guide have been classified as:

Book 1- The complete guide: 580 pages.

Book 2 - The yoga programs and practices: 200 pages.

2 Audio CDs - Powerful tools for positive psychological changes : 74 minutes :-
Neti-Nasal Cleansing
  • Mantra Meditation Audio CD
  • Yoga Nidra Audio CD
The wealth of information, experiences and training provided through this book is designed to transform your life to enjoy every aspect of your womanhood (including motherhood). It will help you resolve the deepest neuroses, fears, anxieties and disorders through the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga.

It is the most complete guide ever created for a woman by a woman.

Most of you will appreciate that should this book come even half as close to achieving its objective, it is a priceless asset - one that you will keep at your bedside for the rest of your life.

To meet our objectives of reaching this educational tool to the widest spectrum possible, we are offering this at a special price of USD 135.00.

We hope this price makes it attractive enough to explore the dramatically improved way of life.

The entire package is backed by the famous Health and Yoga Guarantee. If you do not find this learning set to have Positively Wonderful Impact upon you, you are most welcome to return the set any time within the Next 60 Days and get your full money back at Zero Risk.

Our pleasure lies in satisfied users ONLY.

The Hard Copy version of this book is now available!
" Special Arrangement :
To see whether this ‘Bible’ lives up to your expectations, we have made a special arrangement for FREE Online reading of the Book 1 only. Book 2 relating to comprehensive Yoga Practices as well as the Audio Instructional practices are only available with your purchase.

To access Online Reading of Book-I, please Click Here "
Item Photos Price
Complete 2-Book set with 2 CDs Mother As First Guru US$ 97.00

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Enjoy Every Moment of Your Womanhood

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