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    Protective Face Mask   Anti Protective Mask   Anti Pollution Face Mask   Anti Pollution Mask Washable  
Anti Pollution Mask with Washable Activated Carbon Filter
  • Effectively filters dust, pollen, bacteria and other harmful gases like vehicular pollution etc.
  • Outer layer is of protective expanded polyethylene (EPE) provides physical protection, moisture and heat insulation.
  • Washable & Detachable Inner layer provided with high grade activated carbon anti-toxic filter.
  • 2 exhalation valves – one on either side for easy breathe mechanism.
  • Comes with adjustable nose clip – protected with sheath covering.
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This is a unique anti pollution mask/respiratory device which protects us from dust particles and harmful gases. It has two layers. The inner layer is an anti-toxic filter, made of a high grade activated carbon fabric which has high micro porosity thus providing a greater surface area for adsorption; adhesion of pollutants from the air. Hence, it captures all the visible and non-visible toxic particles present in the air.

The outer layer is made of expanded polyethylene (EPE). EPE is makes it moisture proof, frictionless, and provides heat and sound insulation. It is very compact, washable, and reusable. Exhalation valves are present on the outer layer which gives a passage to exhaled air to flow out which reduces the hot air build up. Filters can be easily replaced on removing the valves when needed. It comes with adjustable nose clip and is provided with adjustable elastic straps so easily fits many face sizes. Its filtration capacity is high. It can easily filter pollen, dust, bacteria and organic vapor. So is quite useful for people having respiratory problems and other breathing allergies.

Due to its light weight, easy-to-carry and store shape, it is a handy device to keep at hand for protecting against unwanted exposures such as vehicular pollution on the roads or some other dusty environment.

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Anti Pollution Mask with Washable Activated Carbon Filter Anti - Pollution Face Mask USD$ 8.50
Anti - Pollution Face Mask
Protective Face Mask
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