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Bread Roti Wrapping Cover
    Bread Roti Wrapping Cover  
Bread / Roti Wrapping Cover
  • 100% Cotton cloth for covering roti or bread and keeping it fresh and hygienic
  • Keeps chapati or bread soft and warm for longer time period
  • These covers are safe, easy to use, travel friendly, washable and reusable
  • Ideal for roti or Indian flat bread, parantha, naan, bread, puri, focaccia, pita etc.
  • Dimensions (approx.) = 21cm x 21cm, Material= Cotton, Attractive colour and design
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The roti cover is a much needed requirement at home which is often neglected. Chapati wrapper is made of cotton cloth with attractive patterns and beautiful colors. It is safe and hygienic and is a better option than aluminium foil. You can also use it for puri, parantha, tortillas, naan, bread etc. Easy to carry i.e. it can be carried while travelling so that you don’t have to compromise with homemade food. You can place the cover on casserole or on the roti basket to easily cover and wrap to keep the rotis fresh, warm and soft. It can be easily washed and reused. It is a useful kitchen accessory.

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Bread / Roti Wrapping Cover Bread Roti Wrapping Cover USD$ 8.75
Bread / Roti Wrapping Cover
Bread Roti Wrapping Cover
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