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Anti Diabetic Powder
    Anti Diabetic Powder  
Anti Diabetic Powder
  • 100% Natural – contains seeds and fruits
  • Naturally reduces blood sugar levels
  • Contains jambul, Indian gooseberry & bitter gourd
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Diabetes is a disease of disturbed carbohydrate metabolism where sugar level increases in the blood beyond normal levels.

Anti Diabetic powder is 100% natural made by crushing seeds and leaves of various rare fruits and plants with known medicinal qualities. Known to bring down sugar levels considerably, several diabetics have even done away with their insulin doses completely. There are absolutely no side effects, 100% safe and can in fact be consumed by a healthy person too.


Jambul (Jamun) seeds, bitter gourd seeds, Gurmar, Neem seeds/ leaves, Gooseberry (Amla) leaves, Bael leaves, Sadabahar leaves.

Direction of use:

1 teaspoon of powder to be had with lukewarm water half hour before breakfast. Repeat half hour before dinner.

Properties of Jambul fruit- Eugenia Jambolana

The jambul tree is found mainly in India and the fruit and its seeds have been revered for centuries for their medicinal properties.

This fruit reduces the sugar in the blood and is very good in the control of diabetes. Its seeds contain Glucoside, Jamboline and Ellagic acid which are reputed to have the ability to check the conversion of starch into sugar in case of excess production of glucose. Therefore, Jambul seeds are also used as a remedy for Diabetes. Use of Jambul seeds for Diabetes was also confirmed by "Shaligram Nighantu Pharmacopia" in ancient India. Jambul seeds reduce urine sugar quickly and have been very effective in controlling diarrhoea. Other constituents of the fruit include Resin, albumen, gallic acid, essential oil and tannic acids.

Properties of bitter gourd

It is a proved remedy in controlling diabetes. It has lately been established that bitter gourd contains a hypoglycemic or insuline like principle designated as plant insuline which is invaluable in controlling blood and urine sugar.

Properties of Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

One teaspoon of Amla juice mixed with a cup of bitter gourd juice has been recommended by naturopaths for its properties of stimulating the Pancreas which secretes insulin for reducing blood sugar. Amla seeds or dried amla is equally invaluable for control of Diabetes.

Amla is very rich in Vitamin C, It has 20 times the Vitamin C content of grapefruit and 15 times that of lemon. In dried amla (pieces or powdered), vitamins are retained and protected due to the natural antioxidant properties of the fruit Other vital benefits include:
  • Cooling effect and reducing of body heat.
  • Inhibiting phlegm and bile.
  • Increase in the production of semen and help in urinary and gynecological problems.
  • Good for pulmonary ailments Reducing of body fat Improving hair texture and eye health.
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"I tried it. I don't think it had much effect. Thanks though. I received it in a timely fashion No problem Good luck"

18 May,2005

from Key Biscayne , U.S.A.


"Received your product. Been using it for 5 days. No noticable difference/improvement at this stage."

02 Apr,2005

from Sunbury , Australia


"Sirs: The date on the bottle was Nov 2002 and that is something I will not accept. Please tell me how to get a refund. THanks Paul"

20 Dec,2004

from Hollywood , U.S.A.
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