Enema Nozzles
    Enema Nozzle Straight in   Enema Nozzle Straight in   Enema Nozzle Tapped   Enema Nozzle Tapped  
Enema Nozzles
  • Made of Medical Grade PVC
  • Straight through as well as tapped nozzle style
  • Accompanied free with douche nozzle
  • Douche nozzle may be used for enemas
  • May be used with or without colon tubes (tips)
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Enema Nozzles are connected to the tubing (hose) to either –
  • To deliver the enema liquid directly into the colon; OR
  • To connect to colon tubes, which are then used to deliver the liquid deeper into the colon.
We provide the nozzles of the following types.

Enema Nozzle (Straight in)

Enema Nozzle Straight in

Medical Grade PVC


Enema Nozzle (Tapped)

Enema Nozzle Tapped

Made of PVC


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Enema Nozzles
Enema Nozzles
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"Order arrived more quickly than expected! Very satisfied, I will be purchasing products here again! "

15 Apr,2014

from ST THOMAS , Canada



14 Mar,2014

from East Bethel , United States


"I received all of the products in a timely fashion. I like your products, as this is my second purchase of an enema kit. I have also referred many people to your products over the last couple years.

I have one suggestion, however. I want to treat people with this enema kit, however, I do not want to treat multiple people with the same anal tip. I had requested a number of straight in anal tips, however and unfortunately, the straight in anal tip only comes in a package with a straight in vaginal tip.

So in essence, for me to acquire more anal tips, the only option is to also purchase the vaginal tip, which I do not intend to use. This results in a high amount vaginal tips that go directly to waste.

I would have liked to purchase 10 additional straight in anal tips without the accompany of a vaginal tip. Thank you for your consideration in a slight shift in your product availability. "

04 Jan,2014

from Boise , United States
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