Enema Nozzles
    Enema Nozzle Straight in   Enema Nozzle Straight in   Enema Nozzle Tapped   Enema Nozzle Tapped  
Enema Nozzles
  • Made of Medical Grade PVC
  • Straight through as well as tapped nozzle style
  • Accompanied free with douche nozzle
  • Douche nozzle may be used for enemas
  • May be used with or without colon tubes (tips)
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Enema Nozzles are connected to the tubing (hose) to either –
  • To deliver the enema liquid directly into the colon; OR
  • To connect to colon tubes, which are then used to deliver the liquid deeper into the colon.
We provide the nozzles of the following types.

Enema Nozzle (Straight in)

Enema Nozzle Straight in

Medical Grade PVC


Enema Nozzle (Tapped)

Enema Nozzle Tapped

Made of PVC


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Enema Nozzles
Enema Nozzles
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"The delivery was not adequate.They should have left the parcel in my mail box at first. They did not deliver at first because I was not at home and they did not leave a note they had delivered the parcel. They sent an email asking me to give a correct address and my address was correct. I received 2 phone calls. Finally they delivered the parcel in my mail box after I sent an email that the delivery was not adequate. J.T. "

13 Jul,2016

from Mission , Canada


"I only need & use the straight smaller nozzle, and wish There was an option to just buy that one alone (without the longer nozzle) so a lot of plastic is getting thrown out. "

29 Jun,2016

from Juno Beach , United States



07 Jun,2016

from Itatiba , Brazil
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