Enema Tubings
    Enema Tubings   Enema Tubings   Enema Tubings   Enema Tubings  
Enema Tubing (Hose)
  • Large variety: Silicone, PVC, rubber & neoprene
  • 1.5 meter & 2 meters length
  • Diameter 5/16" to fit standard size nozzle
  • Transparent PVC type tubing for general enemas
  • Silicone hose for coffee enemas
  • Neoprene & rubber latex tubings too.
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Enema tubing, popularly called as Hose is used to connect your enema bag or container to the nozzle.

Comes as a standard inclusion with the whole kit. However, you can buy this separately too.

Usual lengths of 1.5 meter to 2 meters should more than suffice for a satisfactory enema experience. Available in rubber latex, PVC,neoprene & silicone.

Silicone tubing is especially recommended for those with latex allergy or then those using additives in their enemas

PVC Hose

PVC Hose

Standard PVC hose (5/16”) – clear, transparent - 1.5 meter

USD$ 8.95

Silicone Tube

Silicone Tube

Silicone – Clear Transparent (5/16”) – 2 meter (6.5 feet)

USD$ 13.95

Latex Hose

Latex Hose

Rubber Latex Hose – Red Color(5/16”) – 1.5 meter

USD$ 8.50

Ribbed Silicone Hose - 1.5 m

Ribbed Silicone Hose

Ribbed Silicone Hose - 1.5 m

USD$ 9.95

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Enema Tubings
Enema Tubings
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12 Sep,2017

from Perth , Australia


"Very efficient service and the best quality products! "

01 Sep,2017

from Cairns , Australia


"I received my order in a timely manner and am very happy with the product and your services. "

15 Aug,2017

from Encinitas , United States
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