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Home : Yoga Supplies : Enema Equipment Parts
Enema Equipment Parts

You can order your “Health and Yoga” enema equipment or any of its parts by clicking the desired icons below

Enema Equipment (whole)
Enema SetContains:

Pot + Drainage Tube + Tapped Nozzle (with douche tube) + Sterilized Catheter + FREE instruction manual

Price : US$ 29.95 Click here to Buy Enema Equipment
Individual Parts
Enema CanEnema Can:

'Clinically' hygienic - made of stainless steel. Unlike latex bags, it is very easy to clean and sterilize.

Capacity: 2 quarts (approx. 2 liters)

Price : US$ 19.95 Click here to Buy Enema Can
Douche TubeDrainage Tube :

Made of flexible and transparent plastic to make the liquid flow clearly visible.

Length: 1.50 meters

Price : US$ 5.95 Click here to Buy Drainage Tube
Enema NozzleTapped Nozzle : Superior design of this plastic tap provides a better grip to the tap. Also includes a separate douche tube attachment.
Price : US$ 4.75 Click here to Buy Tapped Nozzle
PVC Colon TubeSterilized Catheter Tip :

Extra length tips sterilized for safe and stress-free usage. Suggested for single use. Available individually or in packs of ten.

Individual Length: 53cms

(Single) US$ 1.95 Click here to BuySterilized Catheter Tip- Single
(Pack of Ten) US$ 10.00 Click here to BuySterilized Catheter Tip- Set of Ten
Enema Colon Cleansing Enema Equipment

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