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Herbal Wood
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Herbal Wood Tumbler - Therapeutic
  • Made of Vijaysar wood; used in Ayurveda for diabetes, joint pain, over-weight and to purify blood.
  • Rich in useful polyphenolic compounds such as Pterosupin, Pterostilbene, Marsupsin and Epicatechin.
  • Natural, eco-friendly and anatomically shaped for easy grip or handling.
  • Holding capacity 50 ml; suitable for all age groups.
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Diabetes is a common health issue. It is a lifelong disease that increases the blood sugar level. It affects body organs and causes various health issues.

The use of herbal wood tumbler is believed to control the diabetes or blood sugar levels. It is made of Vijaysar wood. Vijaysar is a medicinal plant used in Ayurveda for the treatment of Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, joint pain and to purify the blood.

It is rich in blood sugar lowering polyphenolic compound such as; Pterosupin, Pterostilbene, Marsupsin and Epicatechin. Apart from this, the aqueous infusion of Vijaysar wood has been found to reduce glucose absorption from the intestinal tract.

Its holding capacity is 50 ml; suitable for any age group. It can be easily stored or carried and is aesthetically pleasing; suitable for gifting.

Easy to use

Fill the tumbler with clean drinking water and leave overnight for 8-10 hours. The color of water turns brown; Shift it to a clean tumbler / glass and drink it in the morning 10-15 minutes before breakfast. You may filter the water if needed before consuming. Repeat this procedure and consume the tumbler water 10-15 minutes before dinner. You can use the tumbler for around 1 month; till the water continues to change its color to brown. After that you may scratch the inside of tumbler to use it for another 7-15 days.


Begin by trying a few sips to get familiar with taste and witness the acceptability of the body

Do not consume more than twice or thrice a day

Avoid during pregnancy unless specifically allowed by your health practitioner

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Herbal Wood Tumbler
Herbal Wood Tumbler
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