Handcrafted Neem Toothpicks
    Neem Toothpicks   Handcrafted Toothpicks   Toothpicks   Neem Toothpicks  
Handcrafted Neem Toothpicks -
Set of 50
  • Made of Neem (margo) wood – a natural germicide
  • Handcrafted - not machine made; set of 50 sticks provided
  • Stick length approx. 8 cms; individual length may vary
  • Rare to find – excellent gift idea
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Neem is well documented for its health benefits in Ayurveda Pharmacopeia and is a known germicidal and anti fugal plant.

It is also used as an active agent in toothpastes for its active assistance in fighting gum problems including gingivitis and tooth decay.

It is only fit that its wood be used in something like toothpicks which can often end up pricking and hurting the gums.

Even though neem wood is not commercially used in making toothpicks, we got these handcrafted nonetheless despite the higher costs involved.

We are making it available to our discerning HealthAndYoga customers who would like a healthier alternative for their toothpicks.

Item Photos Price
Handcrafted Neem Toothpicks Handcrafted Neem Toothpicks USD$ 5.95
Handcrafted Neem Toothpicks
Handcrafted Neem Toothpicks

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