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Home : Natural Health & Yoga Supplies : Neti Pot
Neti Pot for Neti (jalaneti)

The ONLY real user-testimonial backed neti pot… because we help you 'understand' neti

" This is the first year in my 50 years of living, I have not had a cold, allergy attack, sinus infection or flu!"

Robert Smith, Durham, North Carolina

Neti Pot Testimonials

Almost everyone who has practised neti swears by its effectiveness.

The neti pot is the only real tool to practise neti. To read more on this powerful method, click here.

So, what should you see before buying your neti pot??
Read on, to understand what your neti pot MUST have....

Points to Remember:

Your Neti Pot should be sufficiently large: The neti pot should hold at least 15 oz. (425 ml) of water. A smaller pot will just not hold enough water to wash your sinuses well & thoroughly enough. More importantly, refilling it with water of the same temperature is extremely inconvenient.

It should be right for YOUR nostrils: The Neti pot must have a smoothly tapered conical tip at the spout end. This facilitates support on the nostril walls of varying sizes. More importantly, it minimizes spillage as it "plugs" the inlet nostril.

Your Neti Pot should be UNBREAKABLE: The Neti Pot is something which you will definitely choose to carry with you where ever you go (Just like your tooth brush!!). So please make sure that you are not carrying heavy or fragile pots.

It MUST be accompanied by detailed instructions: It is extremely important that you learn to do the technique correctly for the best results and lasting relief.

Features of the "Health and Yoga" Neti Pot:

Persons who have benefited immensely from this natural, drug free practice develop the “Health and Yoga” neti pots. They are committed to providing these all over the world at the best possible prices.

Unbreakable-Made of Stainless Steel. Extremely durable with Easy Grip.

IMPORTANT: Please read the "Problems and Precautions" section by clicking here.

Neti Pot Reviews

Unique Conical Tip -To minimize spillage by "plugging" the nostril.
Light Weight and optimum size – can hold up to 16 oz. (450ml.) of water. Read what users have to say about these pots by Clicking here.

Accompanied by a FREE 39-page Instruction Booklet - that literally guides you by the hand. Extremely easy to understand yet exhaustive in its scope, read user comments on this “one of its kind” Neti instructions that we receive every single day by Clicking here.

Special price: At US$16.95, The H&Y Neti Pot is cheaper than ANY other comparable Neti Pot. Why? Not only is it the largest and sturdiest pot, but when bought with the Full Neti Video it works out even better. Read Full Video Details.

Your Neti pot is exclusively backed by the "Health and Yoga" Guarantee. To view our guarantee Click here .
See a quick comparison (based on user feedback) between various pot varieties. Click here

Buying Options: Based on your individual requirement

… 3 Options! Each with a 6-month unconditional guarantee!!

Option 1:

Stainless Steel Neti Pot With Instruction Book
Click here to order US$ 16.95 Click here to Buy Stainless Steel Neti Pot

Option 2:

Complete Jala Neti Kit
Includes Neti Pot with Instructions + the Jala Neti Video DVD + Pure Neti Salt (10 packets for 10 washes)
Click here to order US$ 27.95 Click here to Buy Complete Jala Neti Kit

Option 3:

Best Offer
Buy 2 neti pots with instruction books and get the Jala Neti video CD-ROM worth $13.95 absolutely FREE! This will help you 'learn & teach' with a great visual aid.
Click here to order US$ 33.90 Click here to Buy Best Offer

Wholesale Price:

To Buy Neti Pots wholesale, Click here

Change your life FOREVER with this "miraculous" tools

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