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Home : Natural Health & Yoga Supplies : Neti Pot : Stainless Steel Neti Pots
Stainless Steel Neti Pots

The design of the “Health and Yoga” neti pots is based on Years of Experience. They have been Handcrafted with great care under guidance from practitioners and teachers of neti (Jalaneti).


" Thank you for delivery of the Neti Pot. The pot is high quality and the instructions that accompany it are excellent. It's made a big difference in my life, providing instant relief for my sinuses that lasts all day. "

Mark Simon, Wayne, PA

Features of the Health and Yoga Neti Pot which are essential to the easy practice of neti:
Unbreakable – exquisitely hand crafted from stainless steel

Large Size which can hold more than 400ml (16oz.) of water – this is necessary for the sufficient draining of the sinuses.

Conical End to the spout – essential for support on nostrils of varying sizes PLUS minimizes spillage.

Accompanied by a 39-Page Instruction Booklet – the most detailed neti instructions ever created. Click here


" It is perfect. I'd been using the much smaller ceramic one, but it has two disadvantages. One, you have to refill the pot and resalt it before doing the second nostril. Two, you can't tell just by touching the outside of a cer(a)mic pot exactly how warm the water is. (A third is that it's breakable, and I did break one.) This metal pot contains more water than two of the ceramic ones, too. Also, I like the design of the spout. It's neater and more comfortable. Thank you! "

E. Scheidt, New York

These are just some of the comments we receive every single day from users of our neti pots. To read more testimonials Click here

We invite you to help us spread the “miraculous” benefits of neti which is fast acquiring a cult-like status.

To help in the promotion of neti, our wholesale prices begin with as few as 5 pots.

If you’re interested in Wholesale Quantities, Click here

If you want to buy, individual pieces for personal use, please go through our shopping cart by Clicking here

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