Oral Care Kit
    Oral Care Kit  
Oral Care Kit
  • Complete Oral Care
  • Contains the Stelokleen Neti Pot for sinus wash
  • Herbal Herbodent for tooth and gum health
  • Tongue cleaner for bad breath protection
  • Best-selling products in a complete package
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Discover the NATURAL path to total oral health and freedom from sinus allergies

Due to the Overwhelming proven benefits that some of our wellness tools have provided, we decided to bundle them as a special offer.

The contents of this package include:
  • 1 Neti Pot
  • 1 Tongue Cleaner
  • 1 Uniquely herbal Natural Toothpaste
Neti Pot:

Once you make this part of your daily cleansing routine just like brushing your teeth, you can be sure you'll be free of sinus allergies, headaches, and various kinds of ear, nose and throat problems.

Prove it to yourself the coming year. And… don't take our word for it, read for yourself…. Details

Tongue Cleaner:

Feel your breath fresher than ever before. Remove those dreadful coats from your "seemingly" clean tongue and notice the difference.

Not only will you still feel fresh until hours later but ALSO you'll do some great service to your tongue with the powerful properties of pure copper... Details

Herbal Toothpaste:

This uniquely herbal toothpaste is developing a huge following with its extraordinary taste, distinct appearance and powerful oral benefits - all through the goodness of natural herbs and roots. Feel the difference from what you have been using all along…. Details

" I received the Oral heath kit within 3 days of ordering which considering it was delivered to Perth Australia and 2 days included the weekend, i was amazed with the speed. The Neti has helped clear my sinus congestion i have had for possibly 20 years (i was a total mouth breather). I found it very easy to use. The tooth paste is also fantastic. i use it daily and find the smallest amount works well, my tooth brush is no longer white with chalk. The tongue scraper is something to get used to but i am amazed at the amount of gunk that comes off my tongue
Thank-you. Great service and easy to purchase. "
Michael Stone, Perth, WA
" Thank you very much for the Oral Care kit, it was & still invaluable, both the scraper & toothpaste are used every day from the moment it arrived. I was plesantly surprised how quickly I recieved it. I shall be ordering some more of the same in the very near future. Thanks again. "
D.Hamilton, St Croydon, Surrey, U.K
" I am finding that the Neti pot is really helping me avoid using even the Flonase…. Now I don't need the Flonase as much due to the Neti pot. And my use of the Neti pot has been sporadic. With regular use I hope to be drug free very soon…. being able to breathe is a real plus. "
Dr. RD Billington, Miami, FL
" The tongue scraper is one of those things where you wonder why you didn't start this practice sooner.... "
Cherie Seeto, Sydney, NSW, Australia
" I got the toothpaste and am amazed at how my mouth stays fresh feeling all day, even though I am a smoker. I think it will be easier to quit now… "
S. Anderson, TN
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Oral Care Kit (Neti Pot + Tongue Cleaner + Herbal Toothpaste) Oral Care Kit USD$ 21.95
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"The Neti pot is excellent, first time I`ve used one so the accompanying video was really helpful. Seems to have really helped my breathing and reduced my hay fever symptoms. The tongue scraper is great too, and With the excellent natural toothpaste leave my mouth really fresh. Delighted with all products, and very quick delivery. "

09 Oct,2014

from Melbourne , Australia


"This Oral Kit is a WONDERFUL product both economically and functionally. I LOVE each item in the kit. The neti pot and copper tongue cleaner both work great for me and will last long time. I will however have to order more of this wonderful herbal tooth paste when the tube is low. Thank you Health and Yoga for providing these great products and selling them at such an affordable price. Happy customer. "

24 Aug,2014

from Adams , United States


"Very pleased with your delivery, as always!

Already recommended you to all my friends

Good business, Cristina "

10 Feb,2014

from VENEZIA , Italy
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