Padmini Incense
    Padmini incense  
Padmini Incense
  • Rare and unique aroma
  • Essence of Sandalwood
  • Useful for lightening mood & enhancing tranquility
  • Available in larger 100 stick pack
  • Supreme Meditative Aid
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Padmini incense provides you with a unique and rare harmony of supreme aroma. Here we introduce you to a very popular Padmini Brindavan incense. With its spiritual scent of sandal essence, it lighten ups the atmosphere, freshen ups the memory, mood and desire.

This incense comes in a very attractive packing; the sticks are hand rolled and with a unique sandal fragrance. Padmini incense has been popularized over the past 50 years and have provided us with some of the best incenses. Brindavan incense has a smooth, warm and rich Sandalwood aroma that can be distinguished from other incenses.

You must be aware of the importance of Sandalwood in India; its been there for thousands of years. Works as an emotion enhancer, makes one euphoric and acts as an aphrodisiac. A very important aspect of sandalwood is in meditation; it is said that it takes away all the bad thoughts and help in meditating with a clear mind.

We provide you with genuine Sandalwood Brindavan Incense with the best price deal anywhere on the Internet. While merchants are selling 20-stick pack for USD$ 2.09 we are selling 100-stick pack at same price as 20-stick pack i.e. USD$ 2.09. Judge for yourself by seeing our prices below:

" Everything came to me excellent especially the insense. Thank you I look forward to ordering again from you. Thanks you "
Mauthe, Camarillo, CO
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Padmini Brindavan 100 Stick Pack Padmini Incense USD$ 2.09
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Padmini Incense
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"Love the incense and lightning fast international delivery! Have bought from you before. Would not consider buying my incense from any company but yours! "

27 Nov,2015

from Kingfisher , United States


"incense fresh and stable - very good
Thank you "

07 Jan,2015

from , -- Select Country --


"Review not Provided. "

08 Oct,2014

from Los Angeles , United States
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