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Spike Acupressure Magneto-therapy Balls
    Spike Acupressure Balls   Spike Stimulates acupressure    Acupressure Spike   Acupressure Gold Balls  
Spike Acupressure Magneto-therapy Balls
  • Stimulates acupressure / reflexology points of the palm
  • Provides benefit of acupressure and magneto-therapy
  • Work by enhancing circulation and removing subtle energy blocks
  • Choice of Color – Gold & Silver
  • Magneto therapy principle works by enhancing blood flow in underlying tissues
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The Hands & Feet are considered vital in acupressure and reflexology. This is because it is believed that there are direct energy flow channels from these extremities to every organ of the human body.

It is a well known fact in oriental medicine that disease and health disorders are largely due to energy imbalances and blockages. These can occur naturally or due to our imbalances lifestyles.

Hand Reflexology Chart

Whatever be the reason, it is important to keep these energy channels primed up with unblocked circulation.

Magnetic therapy is believed to be effective in aches and pains and it is said to work by enhancing blood flow to affected parts where there may be stagnation and a deposit of toxins as a result. Magnetic fields are enhanced which attract the iron content / hemoglobin in the blood.

The Spike Magnetic Ball incorporates both - stimulating lesions as well as magnets - to combine the power of hand reflexology with magneto-therapy. Grasping this “health stimulating” ball and rolling it in your palm with the fingers for a few minutes every day, opens up the energy channels to various organs of the body.

Rolling this ball within your palm regularly can keep away early health disorders as well as mitigate aches and pains besides enhancing immunity. In general, this inexpensive health tool is a nice addition to your health maintenance kits for its harmless way to enhance body circulation.

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Spike Acupressure Magneto-therapy Balls Spike Acupressure Magneto-therapy Balls USD$ 5.95
Spike Acupressure Balls + Vetiver Yoga Stress Ball Stress Ball Acupressure ball Accupressure Balls:
USD$ 8.95
Spike Acupressure Ball + Spike Acupressure Mat Acupressure Balls + Mat Choose Mat & Ball Color:
USD$ 40.95
Spike Acupressure Magneto-therapy Balls
Spike Acupressure Magneto-therapy Balls
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"Very good service "

13 Sep,2013

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