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Lung Exerciser for Deep Breathing & Pranayama Improvement
  • Scientifically constructed - Lightweight, compact and high quality break-resistant plastic
  • Three chambers with color-coded balls for the right Incentive
  • Graduated air inhalation rate from 600 - 1200cc/sec
  • Ideal for developing, improving, and maintaining respiratory fitness
  • Instructions provided
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This incentive Spiro meter is specially suited where normal breathing patterns are disrupted or deteriorate due to illness, surgery or simply due to frailty or old age conditions.

It is also useful for preparing the lungs to resume pranayama practice in Yoga.
Use of the spirometer provides a ‘visible’ way for you to perform deep breathing exercises and help prevent respiratory issues due to incomplete air fill.

Breathing in through this device as an exercise, helps expand the alveoli – the small air sacs nad helps effective release of excess mucus from the surface. This helps in preventing any kind of fluid buildup and also has an indirect positive effect on several disorders that may be the result of improper breathing.

Instructions are provided with this incentive spirometer for easy adoption.

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Spirometer (Lung Exerciser) Lung Exerciser USD$ 12.95
Lung Exerciser
Lung Exerciser

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