Yoga Straps
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Yoga Straps
  • Superior non-stretch cotton twill based - prevents friction injuries, absorbs sweat to give firm grip
  • Buckle with 2 metal rings (D-shaped) - to easily tighten and release the strap
  • Helps to attain difficult poses without disturbing balance and focus or concentration
  • 8’ length recommended for people who are taller or have lesser flexibility; 6’ for others
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Usually people think that are not flexible enough to practice yoga and stay away from it. In reality yoga is not about flexibility, it is all about creating harmony between body, mind and spirit for overall growth and wellness.

The yoga strap is designed to enable you achieve the correct yoga posture in a faster time frame with least effort. The straps give you length and help you to grasp the limbs that are beyond your reach. It makes the poses attainable for those who are beginners or not flexible enough. You won’t get the benefits of yoga with incorrect alignment. Its use is recommended to attain required stretching and alignment and deeply experience the yoga poses.

The yoga straps are made of superior non-stretch cotton twill to prevent friction injuries to hands and feet. It is provided with a metal D-ring buckle which enables you easily tighten and release the strap. Being cotton based, the grip remains firm even when hands start sweating. It is durable and soft to skin. It is available in assorted colors and in two lengths- 8’ length suitable for people who are taller or with lesser flexibility, 6’ length is recommended for others.

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Yoga Straps (Size : 6 Ft) USD$ 6.95
Yoga Straps (Size : 8 Ft) USD$ 7.45
Yoga Straps
Yoga Straps Cotton
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26 Sep,2016

from mahabubnagar , India


"I recieved my order and was pleased with the speed and product. "

25 Sep,2006

from Kendallville , U.S.A.
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