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bound by the limitations of the bodies. As consciousness descends from a higher body to alower one the tendency to identified itself with the lower body becomes stronger and strongertherefore identification of consciousness at the physical level is strongest. Psychologicallyspeaking identification with the body and mind created much of our emotional pain, lack ofself-esteem and lack of self-confidence.

Examples of identification with the body

  • I am fat, I am too lean and thin.

  • I am good looking or not good looking.

  • I am not tall or short or chubby.

Examples of identification with the mind

  • I am not good enough.

  • My memory is not good.

  • I have no talents.

  • I am not efficient.

  • I cannot do this or that.


Identification with the body
The wise say is bad;
They always keep you moody
Unhappy and sad.

Identification with the mind
Can be twice as bad;
It creates such a hell
And makes you go mad.

Long have I been
Suffering in this hell;
I am now determined
No more here will I dwell.

Freedom from identification
Is a boon indeed;
It makes you feel so light
And that's what we need.

Thanks to you beloved Christine
Your joy and love pristine;
Brought me this message loud and clear
My heart is in love, joy and cheer.



yoga book   yoga book
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