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Some common examples of stealing that takes place in society are as under: 

  • Misappropriation of Govt. Bungalows, cars, telephones for personal use. Stealing of ideas, thoughts, etc. (plagiarism)

  • Making use of copy righted materials.

  • Ticketless travel in Indian trains.

  • Hoarding money.

  • All forms of smuggling.

Brahmacharya (Continence) 
Of all the virtues enjoined in Yama & Niyama, this is the most difficult and many sincere students fight shy of its practical application because they are afraid they will have to give up the pleasures of sex. Many yoga teachers suggest a liberal and middle path of Brahmacharya meaning not complete abstinence but regulated, moderate, indulgence within lawful wedlock. 

Advance students 
To the serious and advance students the desire to combine the enjoyment of the worldly life with a striving for the achievement of higher yogic life seems pathetic and reflects the absence of a true sense of values. Those who feels that sensual enjoyments can be combined with a striving for the peace and bliss of higher yogic life, have yet to develop that strong intuition which tells them unequivocally that they have to sacrifice a mere shadow for the real thing, a passing sensation for life's greatest gift. The practice of higher yoga requires complete abstinence from sex life and no compromise on this point is possible: All thoughts and emotions connected with sex life has to be given up. Brahmacharya in its wider sense stands not only for abstinence from sexual indulgence but freedom from craving from all types of sensual indulgences. The pursuit of sensual pleasures is so much a part of our life and we depend to such an extent on these for our happiness that it is considered quite natural and blameless to indulge in these within the limits of moderation and social obligations. To the students of higher yoga these enjoyments are harmful not because there is any sin involved but because they carry with them the potentiality for constant mental and emotional disturbances. There are some people who allow them selves to remain under the self-deception that they are unattached to enjoyment of the senses even though they continue outwardly to indulge in them. The fact is that only by renouncing the pleasures of the senses that indifference towards them can be developed and tested. Austerity is thus a necessary part of yogic disciplines. Those who allow them selves to lead a life of sensual pleasure under the illusion that those do not touch them are merely postponing the effort for the earnest pursuit. The serious students must use all possible means and practice special yogic techniques to transform, sublimate and channelise the sexual energy into other forms of energy such as vitality, inner dynamism, thought power, creativity etc. 

General students 
For general students, beginners or those who do not have the strong aspiration for higher spiritual growth but is quite content with just good physical health and normal peace of mind, Brahmacharya simply means moderation / balance in sex life and all sense pleasures. 


yoga book   yoga book
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