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Meditation on the Spiritual Eye 
Sit as above. Practise Jyoti mudra 3 times. Then sit quietly concentrating on the mid eyebrow center. Concentrate on any light that becomes perceptible. In the beginning you may not see any light just an empty darkness or a somewhat hazy glow. Keep looking intently, be still, calm but fully concentrated. As and when you see any speck of tight or some colored glow, concentrate gaze steadily. Many colored lights of different shapes and intensities will appear from time to time. Do not waste time in trying to analyze them. Just know that the astral body is made of such colored lights. Regular practice of Jyoti mudra and steady gazing at the eyebrow center will reveal a golden circular light with a blue circle inside it. This is the light of the spiritual eye. Inside the blue circle advanced Yogis see a five pointed white star. This star is the focal point of advance concentration and meditation. Yogis penetrate their consciousness through this star and experience the infinite kingdom of God beyond and its bliss

Meditation on the cosmic sound of ‘OM' 
Prepare a wooden structure like that of a T. Sit as above. Place the T between your legs and rest your elbow above it for support. Plug your ears with clean cotton wool. Then press the tragus of each ear with your thumb to close the ears completely and block out all external sounds. Place your little fingers at the corner of each eye exerting a very slight pressure on each eyeball. The eyelids should be closed and eyeballs gazing at the mid eyebrow center. The other fingers gently placed on the forehead. 

Now concentrate on any sound you hear inside your closed ear. Forgetting every thing just keep absorbing your mind in listening to the inner sounds. As the sound becomes loud and clear; concentrate on the background of the loud sound to hear the deeper inner astral sounds. Many sounds of different types will be heard. 

The advance yogis patiently wait for the sound of ‘OM' to be heard, which is the sound produced by the vibrating Ajna Chakra When they hear the sound they concentrate on that sound and find their consciousness expanding spherically beyond their body infinitely. This expansion of consciousness brings great bliss to the yogi. 

Chakra Meditation 
Sit as above. Visualize the sushumna nadi as a hollow tube and the chakras as beautifully blossomed lotus flowers. Study the characteristics of each chakra, specially the number of petal in each of them. This will make the visualization better and effective. Now concentrate on the Moolajhara Chakra and chant mentally OM, OM... ten times, very slowly very deliberately. Take 10 sec's to chant one OM. Every time you chant one OM feel that the chakra is getting energized and purified. After finishing 10 Oms, try to feel the energy movements of the chakra deep within you. Now move on to the next chakra Svadhisthan & repeat the whole process. Continue and do the same with each chakra till you finish with the Sahasrara Chakra. Then sit quietly feeling the peace and joy within. You may repeat the whole practice a few times. 


yoga book   yoga book
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