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"Yathaabhimata - dhyaanaad vaa" (PYS Ch 1, Su-39) 
The disturbances in the mind can be removed by meditation. The sutra says that the aspirant can choose any method accordance to one's temperament. These temperament and predilections are the result of training and experiences in past lives. 

Qualifications for samadhi 

"Shraddhaa-virya-smriti-samadhi-pragnyapurvaka itaresham" (PYS Ch 1, Su-20) 
The above qualifications are essential for samadhi

Shraddha (Faith) 
This is the firm conviction regarding the presence of the truth we seek within us and the efficacy of the technique enabling us to reach the goal. 

Virya (Energy) 
The word virya denotes energy, determination, courage, perseverance and indomitable will which ultimately overcomes all obstacles and forces its way to the desired goal. 

Smriti (Memory) 
It is the experience of the large majority of aspirants that the lessons of experiences are forgotten again and again and the same experiences have to be repeated time after time involving much waste of the time and energy. We have been going through all kinds of miseries life after life, the miseries of old age, the miseries of separation from dear ones, misery of unfulfilled desires and yet we involve ourselves in these miseries again and again because the lessons fail to make a permanent and strong impression in our mind. Spiritual aspirant has to learn these lessons quickly and thoroughly and smriti is the capacity to remember the lessons well so that we do not forget and have to go over again and again. 

Samadhi pragnya (keen intelligence) 
It means that peculiar state of the mind, which is essential for the practice of samadhi. In this state the mind is turned in wards habitually, bent on the pursuit of the Reality hidden within. When Samadhi is attained correctly then the Yogi is vividly aware of the realities of the super physical planes and can bring down the knowledge when he returns to the physical body

Factors leading to quick Samadhi 

"Tivra-samvegaanaam-aasannah" (PYS Ch 1, Su-21) 
Samadhi is attained by those whose longing is intensely strong. The real trouble with most aspirants is that the degree of earnestness is very feeble and there is not sufficient pressure of will to break down all the hindrances that stand on the way. Weaknesses and desires, which will simply fade away in an atmosphere of earnestness, continue to keep them in bondage year after year, life after life, because a sufficiently strong desire is absent. 

(PYS Ch l, Su-22) 
Progress is attained corresponding to the means mild, medium or intense is adopted. 


yoga book   yoga book
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