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  • The Bija sound is Yam or Yang. Vehicle is black antelope. Very aware, very sensitive and always full of inspiration the deer depicts the nature of the fourth chakra person. The eyes are innocent, pure and magnetic. The deer is said to die for pure sounds. The love of inner sounds is the love of the fourth chakra person 

  • Vishnu granthi is situated here. It represents the bondage of emotional attachment 

  • Presiding Deities are Ishana Rudra and Kakini. Ishana Rudra's nature is peaceful and beneficient. He holds the trident in his right hand and damaru in his left hand. The holy Ganga flowing from his hair locks represents the cooling and purifying stream consciousness. The snakes coiled around his body are the passions that he has tamed. He wears a tiger skin symbolic of the mind that dwells in the forests of desires. There is no longer any concern for attachments to worldy pleasures or honours This person lives in harmony with the internal and the external world. The fourth chakra contains a Lingam in which Rudra Shiva appears as Sadashiva. He is Shabdabrahma or Omkara. He stands with a trident symbolic of the three gunas. This shivalingam is the second and is known as the Bana (arrow) Lingam. It is the force that acts as ones Guru. 

  • Plane - Mahar Loka ( the mid-way plane); Element- Air; Planet- Venus. 

  • Sense organs - Skin and Hands 

  • Yantra- The hexagram. The yantra is composed of two overlapping intersecting triangles. One facing upward symbolizes Shiva and the other facing downward symbolizes Shakti 

  • When consciousness functions predominantly from here one is no longer a slave of fate or destiny (Prarabdha Karma). His will power becomes very strong. 

Vishuddha Chakra (Fig-95) 

It means "extremely pure". This is the purification center. 

It is located at the throat area. 

Function It represents a state of openness in which life is regarded as a provider of experiences that leads to spiritual growth. One ceases to avoid the unpleasant and seek the pleasant. Instead there is a flowing with life allowing things to happen the way they must. Proper understanding and true discrimination dawn out of total acceptance of the dualities of life. The core need here is to find one's voice and speak the truth. It is dominated by the higher mental faculties that allow creativity, detachment, observation and synthesizing varying views of life. Writing, painting, dancing, thinking and many other forms of expression is available. Here the individual intelligence is merging with the collective intelligence, the womb of creativity. You make all decisions based on your independent perspective. Your independent worldview allows you to look at the world's religions and philosophies beyond your cultural allegiance. You become an universalist able to see the beauty in all religions and cultural expressions. With no point of view to defend you are not threatened by opposing view points and can stay open to many paths and walks of life. It is not uncommon, that opening to this level limits your social world. Many are not comfortable with your ideas and you wont be comfortable with the trivial thoughts of others. Your desire to spend quality time alone 


yoga book   yoga book
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