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increases as your tolerance for superficial activities decrease. The social role that evolves as a result of this chakra awakening is to serve as an awakener. You serve as an evolutionary agent in the lives of others. Physically it controls voice, speech and metabolism of the body, vomiting and hiccups. It is the source of udana vayu. Development of psychic powers takes place. 


  • Thus Chakra has l6 petals. They produce the sounds Am, Aam, Im, Eem, Um, Uum, Rim, Reem, Lrim, Lreem, Em, Aim, Om, Aum, Am, Amha. For chakra activation the sounds are produced as Ang, Aang, Ing, Eeng, Ung, Uung, Ring, Reeng, Lring, Lreeng, Eng, Aing, Ong, Aung, Ang, Angha. 

  • The Bija sound is Ham or Hang. Vehicle – the snow white elephant ‘Gaja' 

  • Presiding Deities are Sadashiva and Sakini. 

  • Plane - Jana Loka; Element- Akash; Planet- Jupiter. 

  • Sense organs- Ears and Mouth. 

  • At this center even poisonous and negative aspects of existence becomes integrated into the total scheme of being. They are rendered powerless as concepts of good and bad fall away. Here all the elements of the lower charkas- Earth, Water, Fire and Air are refined to their purest essence and dissolve into Akash. Spoken words of a fifthchakra person are sweet, melodious and penetrates the heart of the listener. 

  • Yantra- It is a silver crescent within a white circle surrounded by 16 petals. This chakra is the seat of sound in the body. The crescent is symbolic of purity. 

Agnya Chakra (Fig-96) 

The word ‘Agnya' means "that which instructs". It is the center that gives instructions. 

The center of the eyebrows. It is the point of confluence where three major nadis Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna merge into one stream of consciousness and flow up to Sahasrara

At this level the ability to transcend polarity is born. Before this level polarity consciousness is the norm. Something is either right or wrong, good or bad. If there is a difference of opinion one has to be right and the other wrong. At this center you rise above polarity and see life through larger lens that encompass all views. This is the unitive state of consciousness. Not much disturbes or surprises you as your view transcends and includes all polarities. This chakra leads us to effortless action. It allows us to enter into the activity being done, instead of doing it. You can interact with the task being done through you rather than imposing the personal will on the situation. Imbalances in this chakra is typically caused by imagination disassociating from mundane reality. Getting lost in the non-reality realms of the astral plane where fear, escapism, illusions and other imaginations run wild. The most common unbalanced use is allowing oneself to be drowned in fear. Some people encounter specific entities that embody their own fears. These entities have a real presence so they cannot be 


yoga book   yoga book
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