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  •  When you pass from one plane to another you do not move in space. You simply change your consciousness and make use of the higher instruments.

  • In our plane we use the physical body to gain knowledge and experience, in the astral plane the astral body, and in the seventh plane the causal body. 

  • Time slows down in each higher plane. Consciousness of bliss and power increases hundredfold in each higher plane. 

Bhu Loka (Physical Plane) 
Our planet Earth is a part of this plane. Modern science has in the last century studied this plane in great detail. It have discovered billions of galaxies spread over vast space with each galaxy moving away from the rest at very high speeds. The physical universe has been found to be expanding very rapidly. Each galaxy has billion of stars of which many stars are thousands of times bigger than our sun. Each star is separate from the other by hundreds of light years. Our solar system is placed in one tiny corner of our Milky Way galaxy. Science has discovered many planetary systems similar to that of ours in the Milky Way galaxy and other neighboring galaxies. Science is looking out for similar life to ours in outer space. It has not been able to gain any information as yet. 
Science of Yoga claims that life forms do exists outside our planet Earth in other planetary systems in our galaxy and other galaxies as well. Intelligent life forms of different types exist everywhere in the different planetary systems of the physical universe. 

Bhuvar Loka or Pitri Loka (Astral Plane ) 
The astral plane, is a place where the departed souls go to reap the fruits of their virtuous deeds. They remain there till the fruits of their good actions are exhausted. Then they come back to this physical world for onward spiritual growth. 
Astral beings have sex but the process is little different. It can be called merging. This merging is much more sweeter than the most pleasurable orgasm on the physical plane. One can merge with anyone in the astral plane. There is no moral judgement on this act. Astral beings do much work. However work is not drudgery here. Nobody has to work to feed, clothe or house oneself. All work is for enjoyment and gaining knowledge. 
All knowledge garnered on Earth, new inventions or rediscoveries of ancient knowledge is gained from research of the astral beings, which is then introduced into the Earth plane by implantation into the brain of a researcher, scientist, etc. All inventions, medical cures, new discoveries are transmitted from the astral plane. Even music, art, design, etc are implanted from here. 
There are many astral worlds, teeming with astral beings. The inhabitants use astral vehicles that travel faster than light. The astral universe made of subtle vibrations of light and color is hundreds of times larger than the physical universe. There are countless astral solar and stellar systems. The astral suns and moons are more lovely. The astral day and night are longer than those of Earth. The astral universe is infinitely beautiful, clean and orderly. Weeds, bacteria, insects, snakes are absent. The astral spheres maintain an even temperature of an eternal spring. They abound in opal lakes, bright seas, high mountains, rainbow rivers, trees, animals, etc. There are beautiful fountains, courtyards, parks, gardens etc. 


yoga book   yoga book
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