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The first verse of the Bhagavad Gita begins on the eve of this battle. Krishna took the opportunity and not only gave a stirring advice to the confused Arjuna but in the process gave a philosophy life and action that has become the basis of all that is good in Indian spiritual traditions. After Krishna finished His deliverance He asked Arjuna to think over and decide what he will do. He was given the choice to choose what he should do. God does not dictate to us. He has given us free choice. Arjuna decided to fight the war, as he realized that at that moment that was his rightful social and family duty. In the end it was a victory for the Pandus. The five brothers reigned nobly under the kingship of the eldest, Yudhisthira, until at the end of their lives when they retired to the Himalayas and there entered the Heavenly realm. 

Spiritual Interpretation 

Dhritarashtra the blind king represents the blind sense mind or manas. Manas acts from the lower three charkas and draws the consciousness outward for sense experiences and indulging in sense pleasures. The hundred children of the king represents material desires and activities. Dictated by the ego the lower minds leads to pain, suffering, disillusionment and sicknesses. Pandu the younger brother of the king represents buddhi the faculty of discriminative judgement or the higher mind. The higher mind functions from the three higher charkas and pulls the consciousness inward towards the soul and its bliss nature. The higher mind guided by soul wisdom brings peace, contentment, health and harmony to the personality. The five children of Pandu represents the faculties of the higher mind that aids in spiritual growth. In human life a majority of human beings live their lives dominated by the lower mind fulfilling and satisfying all their ego desires and needs. A small group of human beings live their life dominated by their higher mind. They are the great teachers and inspirers of life. They have understood the meaning and purpose of life and live it fully acting as a torch bearer to others. There is another group the seekers of truth. These people like everybody else have the desires and needs of the lower mind quite strong but their higher minds are in a developing stage. The higher mind exerts its influence and tries to turn the consciousness inward. This creates a split in personality. The individual finds that he has two opposing types of desires and tendencies and he is not sure which one to follow. He gets into a confused state. The first chapter of the Bhagavad Gita allegorically represents this inner conflict in a seeker. The seeker at this stage looks for guidance and starts fervently praying. The seventh verse in the second chapter represents this prayer of a seeker where Arjuna requests Krishna for guidance. "Karpanya dosho pahata avabhava prichami tvam dharma samudha cheta. Yet shreya tat nischitam bruhi tanme shistyes te ham shadhi mam tvam prapannam" I am confused as regards my duty, I am thy disciple . Please tell me decisively that which is good for me. With this prayer begins the Gita dialogue. When a seeker comes to this state of humility and receptivity then the teacher appears. 


yoga book   yoga book
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