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Leading to cold hands and feet, dislike of cold climates, stiffness of muscles.

Fast walking, talking doing many things at a time. Swinging moods and shaky faith. Hypertension, irregular heart rhythm, muscle spasms and backaches are related to excess vata.
Leading to many related characteristic. The ability to pick up new information quickly, and also to forget quickly. Poor long term memory, good imagination but restless activity. Acting on impulses, mood swings. Racing scattered thoughts and fast speech.
Leading to dry skin, hair, lips, dull eyes and scant sweat. Skin may chap and crack easily.

The pitta body type is medium height and build. They seldom loose or gain much weight. They are stronger physically than vata. They often experience early graying or loss of hair, tending to be bald. Moles and freckles are common in pitta skin. Normal body temperature is slightly higher and hands and feet are usually sweaty. They perspire quite a lot. Pittas have strong appetite and good digestion.






Leading to warm, flushed skin, any kind of inflammation or overactive metabolism. Hot sensations in stomach, liver, intestines. Pittas are generally fond of cold food and drinks, which offset their own heat. 
Leading to a sharp mind but also sharp speech. The same quality can turn into excess acidity in the body and over secretion of stomach acids. They have sharp memory but are irritable. They have strong feelings of anger and hate. They are fond of spreading name and fame. 
Which may show up as profuse perspiration, hot sweaty palms are typically Pitta. Being hot and moist pittas have a natural aversion to hot humid summer. 
Giving rise to bad breath, sour body odor or bad smelling urine and feces.

They are blessed with a strong, healthy well developed body. They have strong muscles and heavy bones. They gain weight easily and cannot take it off easily. They have slow digestion. Their skin is soft, smooth and lustrous. Kaphas have sweet tooth and love candies, cookies and chocolate. Vigorous exercise is good for them but they prefer to sit, eat and do nothing. They are slow in everything, slow to eat, decide or act. They have a sweet loving disposition, caring and forgiving.




Heavy bones, muscles and large body frame. Any heavy disorder suggest kapha imbalance, weather it is obesity, heavy digestion or a heavy oppressive kind of depression. If sleep makes one feel groggy instead of refreshed it means kapha imbalance.

Leading to weight gains or diabetes


yoga book   yoga book
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