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Intense meditation leads to stillness of the mind. All thoughts disappear, mental activities stop and the Self gets revealed in its glorious splendor. We realize that we are eternal, immortal and omnipotent. The limitations of the body and mind were my own dream creation for my entertainment and pleasure. Once we have this experience we suffer no longer. Anger, jealousy, worry, anxieties drop and we find infinite freedom and happiness. 

Vedantic Wisdom 

The whole of the vedantic teaching is summarized in a few short terse phrases called "Mahavakyas" (great sentences). Some common ones are:

  • Aham Brahmasmi (I am Brahman)

  • Tat Tvam Asi (That thou art)

  • Ayamatma Brahma (This Atman is Brahman)

  • Pragyanam Brahma (Consciousness is Brahman)

  • So-Ham (He am I)

  • Shivo-Ham (I am Shiva)

  • Satchidanandoham (I am Sat-Chit-Ananda)

  • I am Nitya, Shuddha, Siddha, Buddha, Mukta (Eternal, Pure, Perfect, Enlightened and Free)

  • I am Shantam, Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram (Peaceful, Truthful, Auspicious and Beautiful)

  • Ekam Eva Advitiyam—The reality is One alone without a second.

  • Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma—All this is Brahman.

  • Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavati—The knower of Brahman becomes Brahman.

Lord Krishna takes up this vedantic ideal in which the central doctrine is that we are essentially an immortal soul and we are play-acting a role in the stage of life. This is a very high level teaching. It looks simple in theory but there has to be an inner preparation. Intellectual understanding of this idea does nothing except inflate the ego. But when a student is ready it will immediately bring peace. Since this is the highest teaching Lord Krishna touches upon this idea first and thereafter He comes down level by level to give other teachings for those who are yet not ready. 

  • The wise man grieves neither for the living nor the dead (BG Ch 2, Sl-11) 

  • As the embodied soul continually passes in the body from infant to boyhood to youth to old age similarly the soul passes into another body on death. The wise do not grieve when this happens. (BG Ch-2, Sl-13)

  • The dualities of life, happiness and unhappiness; cold and heat appear and disappear like the changing seasons. They are impermanent. Thereore, bare them without getting affected by them. (BG Ch-2, Sl-14)

  • The soul never takes birth neither it dies. It is unborn, eternal, unchanging and ever existing. (BG Ch-2, Sl-20) 

  • As a person puts on new clothes giving away the old ones similarly the soul takes up a new body giving up the old one which has completed its purpose. (BG Ch-2, Sl-22) 

  • The soul cannot be cut by weapons, burned by fire, wetted by water or dried by fire. It is all pervading, imperishable and remains ever the same (BG Ch-2, Sl- 23, 24). 

yoga book   yoga book
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