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spiritual growth takes place when they learn to provide their labor as service with love and devotion. They are not to be considered as inferior and looked down upon as it happens generally in society. They should be respected and loved for the service they give to society. Their present economic situation needs to be improved. 

Vaishyas (Sense enjoyers & Wisdom cultivators) 
As consciousness and intelligence evolve through life's experience and education, human being's motivation in life changes. They are no longer happy with just the basic needs. Their motivation now becomes enjoyment of life and its pleasures. Their sense consciousness has now become keen and demands enjoyment variety. At this stage of evolution human beings are known as vaishyas. They function from the svadhisthana chakra. Their basic motivation is ownership, seeking enjoyment and cultivating the first seeds of wisdom. These people take on the task of production. It can be agricultural production or industrial production. They are the owners of factories, industries, restaurants, shops, hotels, and producers of goods. Their spiritual growth takes place if they do the job of production, distribution and sharing honestly without seeking favors. They are also advised to take care of the needs and serve the Brahmins, saints, monks, and spiritual leaders. They draw blessings to themselves through this service. 

Kshatriyas (Sense fighters or Power seekers) 
As consciousness develops further and observance of life becomes keener, people realize that indiscriminate indulgence or overindulgence leads to all forms of sickness and weaknesses and even after fully satisfying the pleasure sensations one doesn't experience total satisfaction. That is the time when man begins to question the meaning and purpose of life. He than realize that life has a higher goal and he has to check, balance, discipline and regulate his sense pleasure inclinations. This is the state when the man is called a kshatriya, a warrior. They function from the manipura chakra. Their motivation is seeking power either externally or internally. They can be of two types. One type indulges in seeking name, fame, and selfglorification in the external world. The other type seek power within by inner discipline, higher spiritual growth, higher values. They have a tendency to fight against all forms of injustice. It is this second type who in society should be given the task of leadership and protectors. Their duty in society is to protect the society from external aggression, internal disorders and dispensation of equal justice to all. Generally we see the first type becoming the leaders. They are self-styled leaders. They become leaders by using money or muscle power. Many politicians are of this variety. Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Lokmanya Tilak, Netaji Subhas Bose are examples of the second variety and people like them should be the leaders. Leaders must have vision, farsightedness, organizing ability, and above all honesty and truthfulness. 

Brahmins (Seekers or Knowers of Brahman
As consciousness develops further, the man has reached a state when he seeks only intellectual and spiritual growth. He discards all worldly ambitions, leads a simple life, doesn't crave for material wealth or sense pleasures, nor does he crave for power and self-glorifications. He now desires to orient his life in following the highest values and character building and makes intellectual, spiritual or artistic growth the sole motivation of life. Such people are 


yoga book   yoga book
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