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The two physical eyes are a correct materialization of the spiritual eye, which has three factors: 

  • A little white star in the center, corresponding to the pupil of the physical eye) This five-pointed white star is the door to Infinity. 

  • A opal-blue circle around the star, corresponding to the iris of the physical eye. This circle of blue is a reflection of the soul's light. 

  • A golden halo around the blue light corresponds to the white of the physical eye. The golden ring is the light of cosmic energy. 

Stages experienced in the withdrawal of Prana from the senses 
When the life force or prana reverses from the senses and the body extremities, inward towards the spiritual eye, the experiences are as follows: 

The first state


Crawling, electric sensations through the muscles and spine.

The second state


Consists of an intense, pleasurable feeling as the eyes become automatically fixed in the superconscious center between the eyebrows.

The third state


Consists of feeling a cool or warm sensation between the eyebrows, attended by the sound of ‘Om' heard without closing the ears and felt all over the outer surface of the body and the inner lining of the body and spine.

The fourth state


Consists of seeing the light of the spiritual eye revolvingly increase like an aurora, with closed or open eyes.

The fifth state


The breath completely disappears and the life forces retire from the nerves, eyes, the other sense organs and also from the cells of the body. The current becomes deeper and becomes projected into the Infinite, creating a dark blue tunnel in the center of the spiritual eye. Regular and earnest practice of meditation will enable you to go through this tunnel of blue light seen in the spiritual eye.

By looking through the physical eyes, one beholds one's body as a wave of life separate from the Ocean of Life; whereas by looking into the spiritual eye, one sees the Ocean of Spirit becoming the wave of life. The Soul's spiritual consciousness is hidden behind the star in the spiritual eye, beholding Infinity on the inner side. Its material consciousness, as the ego, travels outside beyond the star and remains in the medulla oblongata, watching through the sense channels the body and the world of matter which is limited by form, space, time, and so forth. If the mind withdraws its attention from the outside world and enters the star in the spiritual eye, it will perceive only the kingdom of Infinity; but when the mind remains outside the spiritual eye, it perceives only the physical world of matter and its limited three dimensions.  


yoga book   yoga book
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